Saturday, June 28, 2014


The studio officially released news today that they have received the verbal "go ahead" to release the highly anticipated Sneak Peek trailer. This after a "Cease Letter" was received, requesting a look at the trailer and the intended script for the first seven episodes. The official letter to clear the studio is expected to be received before the July 4th release date.

Some bigger news is that the studio is planning for a second and third trailer to be released in August and September prior to the series launch this winter!

The entire cast is said to be excited and ready to present its talents to the world-wide Internet audience, as MINOTAUR is expected to present an "alternative" production & presentation format to the entire Gene Roddenberry Star Trek Universe.

The studio CEO claims that the entire series was inspired after watching STOS; Episode 55 - Assignment: Earth [concerning the introduction of Gary Seven] and Episode 12 - The Menagerie.

Further updates and news concerning series production, production stills, and liner notes from cast members will be posted later this fall.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


It is expected that anytime someone steps forth with a real good idea in changing up how things are being produced to present an ulterior method of presenting an old idea, some organizations will ask you to stop, so they can catch up and see what you've got cooking.
In 2007, I was approached by some bigwigs to cease production on Star Trek Beyond; not because we were using top notch CGI or having a grand production presentation, but because of the fear of the "money factor" being procured to produce the show. We were cut short for three weeks, but when the "powers that be" were happy that we were an actual non-profit group, we were allowed to proceed.

It's my belief that certain members of the controlling unit had other reasons for the "Cease Order", but you never heard me complain about it. I think that since that point in 2007, my name has been flagged concerning any future project of the ST Universe just to see what I'm up to now.

Again, I am not claiming that ST-MINOTAUR will be the next big thing in the fan film genre, but I think that our approach at bringing in a different format can be the "progressive next step" in bringing the ST-Universe to a new line of non-Trekkie fans. Whether or not the "Cease Order" is an attempt to pry into my ideas, remains to be unseen. However, this is not the first time that the "powers that be" have taken the time to contact me over such a little fuss.
But we do have some huge surprises in store for the future fans of the show. I think that we have a different corner market-idea, which just might catch some Trekkies by complete surprise. We know that there is so much riding on our trailer which will be released just around the corner; we also know there is some expectancy which we have been able to elude under the premise that we ARE doing things differently, by not producing a new ST web series with the same old uniforms, same old looking bridge designs and approach to story telling.

I think that this "Cease Order" has breathed new life into this new series being something to watch out for. We know we are being watched now, and for good reason; we have a new idea, a new approach, and we are not afraid to cross the line in presenting a new, dark idea to fans world wide. 

The wild ride is just now taking shape...this is going to be fun!


Sunday, June 22, 2014


Quantum Storm Magazine subscribers got the first look at the much anticipated ST-MINOTAUR trailer this weekend. Fan reviews are flowing in, and to much surprise, the trailer has received high praises for an "original production" and presenting an "underlying darkness" to its full presentation.

The trailer stars Dru Marie Rovito portraying the role of Ensign Jadrian Quest - who will take a big part in the series, presenting the same leading character from ST-BEYOND [STB], but earlier in her career with the new Alliance. With the assistance of the studios decision to re-publish STB episodes on Facebook, the new line of fans found it easier to accept the events presented in the dark trailer.

Rovito has been waiting a long time to take a strong leading role in a project which she can sink her acting chops into. A strong theater actress, she has spent a lot of time building her acting prowess on the stage, working in short films over the last few years, then auditioning with the studio for several high profile Sci-Fi projects set for release in the fall and winter.

 "An absolutely refreshing look at a new Star Trek web series without the overdone CGI with grand attempts at rebuilding nostalgic sets and uniforms to find commonality with older shows" - Steve L., Orange, CA

Assisting Dru in the trailer is veteran actress, Teresa Kennedy; an actress who is lending her abilities to present the best performance as a villain possible. The part of the villain will be portrayed by two actresses; each villain will have traits which will be more maleficent than the other in their own unique way.

You should expect to see more of Kennedy through several studio projects in the near future. She will present characters in projects that require action based characters, some dramatic, and even a little humorous. Some of her most noted work with the studio is her part of Kari-Anne in The Secret of Angelika5 Movie currently in production.

"The trailer is best seen alone, in a dark room, and with the volume at maximum. The trailer is proof that the dramatic approach is the best new way to get any series off on the right step" - Miranda House, Kittery, ME

The studio released news in the notorious E-Magazine that the new series will outline a drastic change in the already accepted Star Trek writing format, which will be better explained in the first three episodes of the series, which will set a strong guideline for other episodes to follow. ST-MINOTAUR will primarily consist of plot lines concerning Quantum time and Interdimentional travel.

Expect to learn more about the series and see a new sneak peek in August!

Monday, June 16, 2014


The studio recently posted 17 episodes of the 2006-2007 STAR TREK BEYOND [STB] web series for a new line of fan followers to see the back story to the darkly written ST-MINOTAUR.
The web series creator first sunk his writing skills deep into the Star Trek Universe in 2004 by writing 50 chapters of fan fiction, then released as STAR TREK ELITE [STE], in script format; ready for the writings to go into production. In 2005, STE was considered an underground hit after a strong line of Trekkies followed the adventures of the writings on the Internet. Several characters in the now infamous fan fiction series were later introduced in STB.

STB took life in 2006, after several rewrites of STE proved too difficult to produce with a limited budget. The studio [then StoneWater Productions] first designed and built a bridge set and purchased several officer uniforms at a cost under $500, all of which were paid for by the producer/director. After several weeks of designing LCARS and terminals for the set, the end result was an impressive set which could be used as several compartments in the show.

Soon after, the studio began interviewing talented stage actors to build a crew worthy of the planned fan production. With several days of searching, the studio landed on the acting talents of Bernice Tremblay, who eventually became the leading actress on the series, masterfully portraying the role of Captain Jadrian Quest.

Weeks later the studio went into full production, relying heavily on the cast to push the series through each episode as the studio tried desperately to conceive new ideas in producing CGI for the series. But with maintaining a weak budget, the CGI never came to be, so the studio launched the series with random screen captures from various Star Trek related computer games to fill in the ship's sequences. Some finicky Trekkies eventually learned to look past the CGI with their imaginations and gave the series a chance.
But through some nifty planning and direct casting of lovely actresses, the series hit a strong nerve with fans in the UK and Europe; adding to that an attractive species of women from the Jade Kussar or "Jadie-K's", the web series landed into an area of attention grinding drama, which gave the series a little fame.

The series was in production for over two years, producing a little over 23 episodes, and delivering a power punch of story lines which, at the time, left many fan productions in the proverbial lurch over how to write and present a good fan film series on the web. By the series third season, the online show had gained fans all over the world and there was a plethora of requests to have the series purchased on DVD.
The plan to release the series on DVD was a shot lived idea, as the series was not allowed to collect any form of gross income because of copyright rules, whether monies were earned or donated to the studio to keep the series running. So the series was posted on a MySpace page for all to see and eventually became archived on the dusty shelf of the Internet.

That is, until last week when the studio re-posted episodes on Facebook and gave the series a second breath at life. The adventures of the ASV PRECIPICE and its crew once again are being viewed by new and old fans again, as the sequel studio series STM begins to spread its wings later this year with a sneak peek trailer in July.
The series director, David Quintana, says that the recent "looking back" at his original work on STB is a bit embarrassing, but a much necessary look that is needed for future fans of STM to grasp the concept of the "Quantum String Theory" the entire series is based on. He added that some elements of STB may actually find itself in STM, others may not.

David stated, "One thing is for sure, Minotaur has a lot of elements in its story line and plots which will depend heavily on the final message from Beyond. I am not trying to outsmart anyone, but I am planning on leading Trekkies into a different type of Trek...a scarier look at what being an explorer in deep space might really be like."

STM makes its first mark on Trekkies in July!
Sonya Norris (Not related to Chuck)
Contributing Writer

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Web visitor and follower numbers to this new bog are way up this week and there is a spillage of information flowing out of studio accounts as the the series trailer sets to hit the web next month.

The studio is primed and ready to release the trailer early if the Minotaur Facebook page reaches 500 "likes" for the July 4th release date. The studios CEO promises the trailer to be released in a class all of it's own, as MINOTAUR is set in a series format which will alienate itself from the endless list of Star Trek related fan productions hell bent on either recreating "copy cat" original series sets and stand-in actors portraying parts once portrayed by William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and crew, or how David puts it, "a cataclysmic attempt at trying to present a historical event in ST canon which doesn't need to be told".

David said that his statement is not to berate anyone's work or to disrespect the work ethic of any other ST fan production in existence; as he is sure that many Trekkies will not accept the value that MINOTAUR brings to the ST Universe. Be he stands firm when he says that MINOTAUR is a step at progressing Gene Roddenberry's [GR] into the future; only looking back at history every once in a while to set a guide for the new crew to follow. It's his opinion that ST fan productions should push the envelope and create series set in the future.

With that, its been no secret that MINOTAUR will deal greatly with plots concerning the Borg and time travel. The ships crew will be led by Captain Caroline Escher [played by Veteran Stage Actress, Patrice Kentimenos], quickly shows her drive at being a tough and extremely intelligent ship's Captain, by ascertaining her crews qualities and using them to keep ship and crew running at top efficiency even during the most dangerous and deadly situations that arise.

The series will build character development in the first season, explaining in detail the "new Alliance" and how it was constructed after an intense squabble with the Klingon Empire, where Captain Escher gained the nickname, "Klingon Killer" and a subplot that concerns the studios first web series, Star Trek Beyond [from 2006]; in which the part of Captain Jadrian Quest returns to MINOTAUR as an Ensign, 22 years before she becomes a Captain.

July's planned trailer release will sink its teeth deep into the "darker" path of the series, lending a little insight on how detailed the series is being brought into production. The talented Dru Marie Rovino plays the part of Ensign Jadrian Quest who has been apparently captured by the Borg and being treated for assimilation. Of course, the scene presented in the trailer goes a whole lot further in its presentation, a fact that will be presented when Ensign Quest is introduced to the Borg Queen, performed by Veteran Actress, Teresa Kennedy.

The 2 minute, 12 second trailer has already received strong nods of approval from both non-Trekkies and Trekkies during several private screenings and in two trailer releases on the big screen during local Houston Indie film premieres. One previewer stated, "It's like looking at a scary looking roller coaster from afar, knowing it will be one hell of a ride when you get there, and knowing when you're in line that the ride is a lot larger than what you expected!"

The web series trailer will premiere on this blog at midnight on July 4th.

Sonya Norris (Not related to Chuck)
Contributing Writer

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Very seldom does David Quintana present himself for a promotional spot in any venue concerning his projects. Most people may not like the idea that the series creator/director, not only refuses to present himself, but that he also wants the future fans of the show to pay more attention to the work of his actors and the plot lines being presented. David reassures all future fans of MINOTAUR that the series is in good hands.

This is not David's first jump into producing a Sci-Fi web series. His successes can be researched & found on the Internet; under the titles of ST-Beyond, Bionica, and The Secret of Angelika5. Most of his web series work contains the ideology of Quantum Mechanics and/or time travel; as he was greatly influenced by general TV hits like STNG, Quantum Leap, DS9, ST Voyager, more so their stories whic tinkered with reality of time travel and the mechanics involves in polluting time lines.
To ensure that the story and plots maintain a strong balance of presentation and production, David has only allowed a few writers to partake in the initial episodes of MINOTAUR. He intends to capture the entire series in a wide screen, epic format like that seen in the original Conan or Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan movies.

Future fans should know that to ensure the format of the series doesn't take a "down turn" in its production, David takes a big part in every aspect of production; from directing, to being the camera operator, to doing most of the special effects makeup, up to and ensuring the series sets are built to his specifications by actually building the sets himself.

Every aspect of production is completely under David's control and this philosophy has ensured that his long list of work reached the success of being launched on the Internet to a vast number of fans located throughout the world. Many fans will tell you that this new series is in good hands; many will warn you that David will not present something you will automatically accept or agree with. But he does pay attention to those details that will make the series very much an acceptable reality for most Trekkies.
Better yet, David has a strong reputation for acquiring some of the most sexy and talented women to his projects. The actresses not only bring an allure that is pleasing to the eye, but he strives to bring the best talent with stern acting prowess gained from performing on the stage. No one has walked onto this series because they are a friend or relative; each actor must earn their spot and stay in line with the production requirements.

And a great cast cannot be without a pristine production. The director has gained an upper hand in presenting the best CGI money can buy, by the landed help from Alex Meshu and Cris Sadean of Romania; both responsible for some of the newest and fresh CGI designs for the series. Both also took parts in designing plot lines and altering story arcs to help the European audiences adjust to the new plot designs.
The "Romanian connection" is ensuring the series has the edgiest and detailed CGI presentation possible, but MINOTAUR will not be able to survive on CGI alone. The series will require likable characters and a good ship to bring the series to a level that most Sci-Fi fans will accept. The plot must make the sense to sell a strong idea, a goal, a dangerous trek through space. The series needs a strong crew to do the job and learn from their mistakes along the way.

Where David's strength comes from is the writing and character development he puts into each likeable personae introduced on his projects. MINOTAUR is planned to be the staple of all of his previous work in the last ten years. He claims that "failure is not an option."

Future fans will get their first inside look at MINOTAUR on July 4th as the series Sneak Peek will post here, on this blog. David says that the best way to view the sneak peek is to, " it in a dark room with the volume set to maximum."

With a suggestion like that, this series trailer is sure to make a strong impression on SciFi fans and Trekkies everywhere.

Sonya Norris (Not related to Chuck)
Contributing Writer