Tuesday, June 24, 2014


It is expected that anytime someone steps forth with a real good idea in changing up how things are being produced to present an ulterior method of presenting an old idea, some organizations will ask you to stop, so they can catch up and see what you've got cooking.
In 2007, I was approached by some bigwigs to cease production on Star Trek Beyond; not because we were using top notch CGI or having a grand production presentation, but because of the fear of the "money factor" being procured to produce the show. We were cut short for three weeks, but when the "powers that be" were happy that we were an actual non-profit group, we were allowed to proceed.

It's my belief that certain members of the controlling unit had other reasons for the "Cease Order", but you never heard me complain about it. I think that since that point in 2007, my name has been flagged concerning any future project of the ST Universe just to see what I'm up to now.

Again, I am not claiming that ST-MINOTAUR will be the next big thing in the fan film genre, but I think that our approach at bringing in a different format can be the "progressive next step" in bringing the ST-Universe to a new line of non-Trekkie fans. Whether or not the "Cease Order" is an attempt to pry into my ideas, remains to be unseen. However, this is not the first time that the "powers that be" have taken the time to contact me over such a little fuss.
But we do have some huge surprises in store for the future fans of the show. I think that we have a different corner market-idea, which just might catch some Trekkies by complete surprise. We know that there is so much riding on our trailer which will be released just around the corner; we also know there is some expectancy which we have been able to elude under the premise that we ARE doing things differently, by not producing a new ST web series with the same old uniforms, same old looking bridge designs and approach to story telling.

I think that this "Cease Order" has breathed new life into this new series being something to watch out for. We know we are being watched now, and for good reason; we have a new idea, a new approach, and we are not afraid to cross the line in presenting a new, dark idea to fans world wide. 

The wild ride is just now taking shape...this is going to be fun!



  1. 'm confident they'll relent... the more so because you aren't doing exactly what they do. Good luck no matter what, and I am looking forward to the release of this series with both confidence and enthusiasm. (I run a website that tracks Star Trek Fan Films called Star Trek Reviewed. Here's your Star Trek Beyond page on it: http://startrekreviewed.blogspot.com/2009/06/170.html .)

    1. Thanks for all of your support in helping ALL of the Trek fan films get their time on the Roddenberry pond. At one point where I thought Trekkies supported one another on new projects, I find out that there is some deep competition which forces harsh criticism between projects. We survived the first cease letter; which by the way was due in part to someone "turning us in" - not sure why tho. [DRQ]

  2. I watched the trailer again and I am so blown away by it. I am so damn glad I subscribed to the studios e-magazine! Keep up the great work and fight those sons of bitches to get this thing rolling in the right direction!

    Live long and prosper!

    Kenny L. Peterson
    Charlotte, NC

    1. Ken, there was no fight...just that cooler heads prevailed. We were turned in by a Trekkie who claims we were being paid BIG bucks to produce our sets; probably the same suns of bitches who are trying to post comments anonymously....one Trekkie in particular is a FB Nerd named Karl Johansson who declares himself a "CGI Master" and tries to critique heavily....oh well, you gotta deal with idiots once in a while. [DRQ]

  3. I'm excited to see the trailer, Dave!

    Keep up the great work.

  4. I had my doubts on the validity of the cease letter until you posted a scanned copy of the original signed by the the affiliates and their contact information on your video blog. I am amazed that some small budget projects are targeted when others slip through who are abusing the system by raising money through illegal means and traveling all over the country promoting their crap.

    I truly hope your series lives up to the hype. I have to admit that your female side of the cast are some hot looking mommas!

    Darren Holt
    Opelika, Alabama

    1. We've had many, many emails and comments like this, Darren. I feel homage to you that you went out of your way with pride & funk to post your name and claim your words with dignity....leaving me to retort to a NAME.

      There are Trekkies out there who believe that the "Cease Letter" was a promotional tool trying to be used by us to gain "world-wide" attention to our project...Well, anyone who knows the system knows that Paramount, Viacom, and CBS don't go out looking for projects to shut down - they have narcs that turn other projects in. My mistake was releasing some pictures of the Minotaur's Bridge which were awed & applauded by some Trekkies and despised by others....probably the same SOBs that are trying to post anonymous comments on this blog and are scattering to try and find my Directors Page on FB to view the pics of the Bridge.

      And as for "promotional" moves, I haven't seen our project on the local news or Entertainment Weekly, so lets move on with life now. There are SO many Trekkies wanting to be lawyers or "have the inside" news on something new...

      ...Oh well - [DRQ]