Sunday, June 22, 2014


Quantum Storm Magazine subscribers got the first look at the much anticipated ST-MINOTAUR trailer this weekend. Fan reviews are flowing in, and to much surprise, the trailer has received high praises for an "original production" and presenting an "underlying darkness" to its full presentation.

The trailer stars Dru Marie Rovito portraying the role of Ensign Jadrian Quest - who will take a big part in the series, presenting the same leading character from ST-BEYOND [STB], but earlier in her career with the new Alliance. With the assistance of the studios decision to re-publish STB episodes on Facebook, the new line of fans found it easier to accept the events presented in the dark trailer.

Rovito has been waiting a long time to take a strong leading role in a project which she can sink her acting chops into. A strong theater actress, she has spent a lot of time building her acting prowess on the stage, working in short films over the last few years, then auditioning with the studio for several high profile Sci-Fi projects set for release in the fall and winter.

 "An absolutely refreshing look at a new Star Trek web series without the overdone CGI with grand attempts at rebuilding nostalgic sets and uniforms to find commonality with older shows" - Steve L., Orange, CA

Assisting Dru in the trailer is veteran actress, Teresa Kennedy; an actress who is lending her abilities to present the best performance as a villain possible. The part of the villain will be portrayed by two actresses; each villain will have traits which will be more maleficent than the other in their own unique way.

You should expect to see more of Kennedy through several studio projects in the near future. She will present characters in projects that require action based characters, some dramatic, and even a little humorous. Some of her most noted work with the studio is her part of Kari-Anne in The Secret of Angelika5 Movie currently in production.

"The trailer is best seen alone, in a dark room, and with the volume at maximum. The trailer is proof that the dramatic approach is the best new way to get any series off on the right step" - Miranda House, Kittery, ME

The studio released news in the notorious E-Magazine that the new series will outline a drastic change in the already accepted Star Trek writing format, which will be better explained in the first three episodes of the series, which will set a strong guideline for other episodes to follow. ST-MINOTAUR will primarily consist of plot lines concerning Quantum time and Interdimentional travel.

Expect to learn more about the series and see a new sneak peek in August!


  1. A totalleee kick ass trailer with superb delivery! It left me wanting more and just knowing that it was a snippet from actual footage got me all excited, plus there's a second trailer set to go next month???? It's great news from a talented group with a fresh new idea!

    Carl Weis
    Fox Lake, IL

  2. Bravo on the trailer, my friends! I watched it in the dark with the volume all the way up, the chills in my spine still linger after the credits. A very tasteful and strong homage to a fading franchise. I thank you for giving me a look ahead, instead of trying to rewrite what was already legend! Ben Wiegand, Singlefingen GE

    1. Our privilege to impress such a huge Star Trek fan as yourself! [DRQ]