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The studio recently posted 17 episodes of the 2006-2007 STAR TREK BEYOND [STB] web series for a new line of fan followers to see the back story to the darkly written ST-MINOTAUR.
The web series creator first sunk his writing skills deep into the Star Trek Universe in 2004 by writing 50 chapters of fan fiction, then released as STAR TREK ELITE [STE], in script format; ready for the writings to go into production. In 2005, STE was considered an underground hit after a strong line of Trekkies followed the adventures of the writings on the Internet. Several characters in the now infamous fan fiction series were later introduced in STB.

STB took life in 2006, after several rewrites of STE proved too difficult to produce with a limited budget. The studio [then StoneWater Productions] first designed and built a bridge set and purchased several officer uniforms at a cost under $500, all of which were paid for by the producer/director. After several weeks of designing LCARS and terminals for the set, the end result was an impressive set which could be used as several compartments in the show.

Soon after, the studio began interviewing talented stage actors to build a crew worthy of the planned fan production. With several days of searching, the studio landed on the acting talents of Bernice Tremblay, who eventually became the leading actress on the series, masterfully portraying the role of Captain Jadrian Quest.

Weeks later the studio went into full production, relying heavily on the cast to push the series through each episode as the studio tried desperately to conceive new ideas in producing CGI for the series. But with maintaining a weak budget, the CGI never came to be, so the studio launched the series with random screen captures from various Star Trek related computer games to fill in the ship's sequences. Some finicky Trekkies eventually learned to look past the CGI with their imaginations and gave the series a chance.
But through some nifty planning and direct casting of lovely actresses, the series hit a strong nerve with fans in the UK and Europe; adding to that an attractive species of women from the Jade Kussar or "Jadie-K's", the web series landed into an area of attention grinding drama, which gave the series a little fame.

The series was in production for over two years, producing a little over 23 episodes, and delivering a power punch of story lines which, at the time, left many fan productions in the proverbial lurch over how to write and present a good fan film series on the web. By the series third season, the online show had gained fans all over the world and there was a plethora of requests to have the series purchased on DVD.
The plan to release the series on DVD was a shot lived idea, as the series was not allowed to collect any form of gross income because of copyright rules, whether monies were earned or donated to the studio to keep the series running. So the series was posted on a MySpace page for all to see and eventually became archived on the dusty shelf of the Internet.

That is, until last week when the studio re-posted episodes on Facebook and gave the series a second breath at life. The adventures of the ASV PRECIPICE and its crew once again are being viewed by new and old fans again, as the sequel studio series STM begins to spread its wings later this year with a sneak peek trailer in July.
The series director, David Quintana, says that the recent "looking back" at his original work on STB is a bit embarrassing, but a much necessary look that is needed for future fans of STM to grasp the concept of the "Quantum String Theory" the entire series is based on. He added that some elements of STB may actually find itself in STM, others may not.

David stated, "One thing is for sure, Minotaur has a lot of elements in its story line and plots which will depend heavily on the final message from Beyond. I am not trying to outsmart anyone, but I am planning on leading Trekkies into a different type of Trek...a scarier look at what being an explorer in deep space might really be like."

STM makes its first mark on Trekkies in July!
Sonya Norris (Not related to Chuck)
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  1. I really enjoyed watching the 17 episodes of STB. I heard a rumor that you actually have 21 or 22 episodes which you produced for the series. Why are they not posted on the Facebook page? Derrick T, Atlanta Ga

    1. Derreck, the [4] remaining episodes are longer than 24 minutes each; which are too long to post on Facebook. One episode is actually a two-part special which are all being cut up into 20-minute episodes for addition to the Facebook page later this year. [DRQ]

  2. I just popped by to say that I've been wanting to catch up with the series for long time. This was a fresh idea and a fun-fun series to watch. Great job!

    Preston B.