Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Web visitor and follower numbers to this new bog are way up this week and there is a spillage of information flowing out of studio accounts as the the series trailer sets to hit the web next month.

The studio is primed and ready to release the trailer early if the Minotaur Facebook page reaches 500 "likes" for the July 4th release date. The studios CEO promises the trailer to be released in a class all of it's own, as MINOTAUR is set in a series format which will alienate itself from the endless list of Star Trek related fan productions hell bent on either recreating "copy cat" original series sets and stand-in actors portraying parts once portrayed by William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and crew, or how David puts it, "a cataclysmic attempt at trying to present a historical event in ST canon which doesn't need to be told".

David said that his statement is not to berate anyone's work or to disrespect the work ethic of any other ST fan production in existence; as he is sure that many Trekkies will not accept the value that MINOTAUR brings to the ST Universe. Be he stands firm when he says that MINOTAUR is a step at progressing Gene Roddenberry's [GR] into the future; only looking back at history every once in a while to set a guide for the new crew to follow. It's his opinion that ST fan productions should push the envelope and create series set in the future.

With that, its been no secret that MINOTAUR will deal greatly with plots concerning the Borg and time travel. The ships crew will be led by Captain Caroline Escher [played by Veteran Stage Actress, Patrice Kentimenos], quickly shows her drive at being a tough and extremely intelligent ship's Captain, by ascertaining her crews qualities and using them to keep ship and crew running at top efficiency even during the most dangerous and deadly situations that arise.

The series will build character development in the first season, explaining in detail the "new Alliance" and how it was constructed after an intense squabble with the Klingon Empire, where Captain Escher gained the nickname, "Klingon Killer" and a subplot that concerns the studios first web series, Star Trek Beyond [from 2006]; in which the part of Captain Jadrian Quest returns to MINOTAUR as an Ensign, 22 years before she becomes a Captain.

July's planned trailer release will sink its teeth deep into the "darker" path of the series, lending a little insight on how detailed the series is being brought into production. The talented Dru Marie Rovino plays the part of Ensign Jadrian Quest who has been apparently captured by the Borg and being treated for assimilation. Of course, the scene presented in the trailer goes a whole lot further in its presentation, a fact that will be presented when Ensign Quest is introduced to the Borg Queen, performed by Veteran Actress, Teresa Kennedy.

The 2 minute, 12 second trailer has already received strong nods of approval from both non-Trekkies and Trekkies during several private screenings and in two trailer releases on the big screen during local Houston Indie film premieres. One previewer stated, "It's like looking at a scary looking roller coaster from afar, knowing it will be one hell of a ride when you get there, and knowing when you're in line that the ride is a lot larger than what you expected!"

The web series trailer will premiere on this blog at midnight on July 4th.

Sonya Norris (Not related to Chuck)
Contributing Writer

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  1. I was a big fan of your work on Star Trek Beyond in 2006. The writing styles and the presentation was very unique at the time and I even feel that your writing style is much like Gene Roddenberry's. I know that Minotaur is going to be a whole new experience for you and us, but I also feel that this will be a great extension to the Star Trek universe that really needs a new facelift.

    Abry Teas, Millington TN