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Very seldom does David Quintana present himself for a promotional spot in any venue concerning his projects. Most people may not like the idea that the series creator/director, not only refuses to present himself, but that he also wants the future fans of the show to pay more attention to the work of his actors and the plot lines being presented. David reassures all future fans of MINOTAUR that the series is in good hands.

This is not David's first jump into producing a Sci-Fi web series. His successes can be researched & found on the Internet; under the titles of ST-Beyond, Bionica, and The Secret of Angelika5. Most of his web series work contains the ideology of Quantum Mechanics and/or time travel; as he was greatly influenced by general TV hits like STNG, Quantum Leap, DS9, ST Voyager, more so their stories whic tinkered with reality of time travel and the mechanics involves in polluting time lines.
To ensure that the story and plots maintain a strong balance of presentation and production, David has only allowed a few writers to partake in the initial episodes of MINOTAUR. He intends to capture the entire series in a wide screen, epic format like that seen in the original Conan or Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan movies.

Future fans should know that to ensure the format of the series doesn't take a "down turn" in its production, David takes a big part in every aspect of production; from directing, to being the camera operator, to doing most of the special effects makeup, up to and ensuring the series sets are built to his specifications by actually building the sets himself.

Every aspect of production is completely under David's control and this philosophy has ensured that his long list of work reached the success of being launched on the Internet to a vast number of fans located throughout the world. Many fans will tell you that this new series is in good hands; many will warn you that David will not present something you will automatically accept or agree with. But he does pay attention to those details that will make the series very much an acceptable reality for most Trekkies.
Better yet, David has a strong reputation for acquiring some of the most sexy and talented women to his projects. The actresses not only bring an allure that is pleasing to the eye, but he strives to bring the best talent with stern acting prowess gained from performing on the stage. No one has walked onto this series because they are a friend or relative; each actor must earn their spot and stay in line with the production requirements.

And a great cast cannot be without a pristine production. The director has gained an upper hand in presenting the best CGI money can buy, by the landed help from Alex Meshu and Cris Sadean of Romania; both responsible for some of the newest and fresh CGI designs for the series. Both also took parts in designing plot lines and altering story arcs to help the European audiences adjust to the new plot designs.
The "Romanian connection" is ensuring the series has the edgiest and detailed CGI presentation possible, but MINOTAUR will not be able to survive on CGI alone. The series will require likable characters and a good ship to bring the series to a level that most Sci-Fi fans will accept. The plot must make the sense to sell a strong idea, a goal, a dangerous trek through space. The series needs a strong crew to do the job and learn from their mistakes along the way.

Where David's strength comes from is the writing and character development he puts into each likeable personae introduced on his projects. MINOTAUR is planned to be the staple of all of his previous work in the last ten years. He claims that "failure is not an option."

Future fans will get their first inside look at MINOTAUR on July 4th as the series Sneak Peek will post here, on this blog. David says that the best way to view the sneak peek is to, " it in a dark room with the volume set to maximum."

With a suggestion like that, this series trailer is sure to make a strong impression on SciFi fans and Trekkies everywhere.

Sonya Norris (Not related to Chuck)
Contributing Writer 

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