Thursday, July 17, 2014


The Directors Video Blog on Facebook released new production stills from the second Minotaur trailer this morning. The new photos present the Minotaur's bridge, a new class of Borg Ship, and a dazzling shot of the crew. There are certainly BIG surprises ahead for Trekkies everywhere!

The series director/writer [David Quintana] mentioned that the new "behind the scenes" material is just another morsel for Trekkies to sate their appetite for a deeper look into this long anticipated series ever since the successful release of the initial series trailer. With fan interest now growing in Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East, the new "inside look" is sure to bring more fan email and inquiries through the series blog; which even now has broke previous studio records concerning incoming email.

"We are not the next big phenomena" says David. "We've had an outstanding promotional push and the series trailer definitely hit a nerve with the European Trekkie fan base because of our presentation of the Borg. We still have a long way to go to prove that the series will be great entertainment".

The studio has remained tight-lipped about progress on the series production, giving out very little information concerning the ship's crew and their possible alien lineup set for character build up. But there has been some leeway in the director/writer giving hint that the Commanding Officer of the Minotaur may be represented as an alien, but that has still not been confirmed.
Fans have written in inquiring the addition of the Ensign Jadrian Quest character [portrayed by the talented Dru Marie Rovito], a possible "prelude introduction" of the future Captain of the ASV PRECIPICE from the Star Trek Beyond web series, now posted on Facebook.  David stated that the character of STB plays a significant part of the plot and story for Minotaur, but that she is not the lead character in the new web series.

Minotaur will be releasing a second series trailer in August, of which David has said, "We have a talented cast on this series - all of whom are bringing their best skills to make the series a delightful run of fresh entertainment. I believe that we will be successful in our own special way, separating ourselves from story lines and plots that can be found in the vast line of other fan series on YouTube and on the web. This is a brave new attempt at creating a new Star Trek Universe while strictly remaining in line with Gene Roddenberry's vision and canon."

The series second trailer is bound to be released in mid-August, a release date has not been decided on.
Sonya Norris (Not related to Chuck)
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Sunday, July 6, 2014


An ever growing fan base is monitoring the studio blog for any new updates and to see the series trailer again. Viewing numbers have tripled since the July 4th release which started off on a troubled note; as some fans were unable to view the trailer due to a programming error on BlogSpot, forcing the studio to post the series trailer openly to anyone and everyone in the U.S.

This of course left the door wide open for hecklers and non-supporters of this new Star Trek project to submit their anonymous opinions of the new series trailer, leaving no room for retort from the studio, prior to the series launch. But the production continues forward and a second trailer is now pending release in August.

Series Trailer ONE did prove a few things which were being questioned by harsh critics earlier this year. The trailer did not present any STO video captures in its presentation which left all of those critics in the proverbial lurch; giving kudos to the studio for erasing any doubt.

The trailer did present a dramatic, dark presentation of things to come and a strong premise of what to expect. The series Director/Creator said, "This series is not based on fancy CGI or large battles in space - Trekkies know that is eventually expected and we will have to deliver. This is a stronger attempt at presenting a strong storyline with trained theater actors to present a strong show with caliber charisma not usually seen in Star Trek fan productions".

Fan outreach through Facebook has posted a strong 817 views with only 227 likes; meaning that people are stopping by the studios Facebook page for updates, but are deciding not to click the like button. "There's nothing we can do about that" said David, "We can only figure that when the show premieres and people begin to see what they like [or expect] to see, then maybe those 'un-likers' will change their tune".

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Time is running out! If you have not subscribed to this blog to gain access to view further posts, then you will no longer be able to see further blog updates nor the highly anticipated series trailer set for release on July 4th at midnight!

Subscribing to this blog is FREE and includes free viewing of the series trailer and future episodes. Subscribing only takes a minute, but keep in mind ht ST-MINOTAUR will not be released on Youtube or any other medium on the Internet, so to get access you must subscribe to this blog. All requests for subscriptions should be sent here; and send us your email address.

Lovers, likers and haters of the series have already began to post their reviews, comments and opinions on many aspects of the production before seeing the trailer. Being so, the studio would like actual e-signatures on all comments, critiques and reviews prior to posting on the blog. Access to the series Facebook page will remain open to guests.

This subscription offer will remain in effect until series production ends, so there's plenty of time and opportunities to post your comments, reviews, critiques and watch the show.

We truly hope to see you on the other side!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


A large number of fans are stopping by the Facebook and Blog pages hoping to get an early glimpse at the studios series trailer, ever since the studio released news that Quantum Storm Magazine subscribers received a first look at trailer. Requests for subscriptions have doubled since news was also released of a second trailer ready for release in August.

The studios promotional push through the Trekkie Universe was increased through the help of a Facebook publisher who calls himself "Bob Trekfan", who posts any news or web projects in the works concerning Star Trek related fan films, podcasts, or web series. Bob's help has increased the number of fans who periodically stop by both the studios Facebook page and Series Blog.
Fan email is also on the surge as a fake contest was posted on an alternate site claiming that a handful of fans would be permitted the opportunity to watch both MINOTAUR trailers, should they be selected to do so. The studio denies the existence of such a contest, stating "that with the exception of E-Mag subscribers, only a select handful of family, friends, and past STB cast members have been given permission to download and view the highly anticipated trailer".

During this last week of waiting, the series director/creator, David Quintana is reviewing other Star Trek fan films released on YouTube, to gauge any commonality with plots or stories which may fall in line with MINOTAUR. So far, after reviewing over 150 ST related web series and short films, David reported that no other ST fan film comes close to representing a production, story, or plot lines within this new series format.

The Director/Creator also stated that he will not openly review or critique any of the series he's reviewed on his personal blogs or this series blog. But he did state hat he will keep fans informed of any fan films which may cross into the MINOTAUR's storyline.

Sonya Norris (Not related to Chuck)
Contributing Writer