Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Time is running out! If you have not subscribed to this blog to gain access to view further posts, then you will no longer be able to see further blog updates nor the highly anticipated series trailer set for release on July 4th at midnight!

Subscribing to this blog is FREE and includes free viewing of the series trailer and future episodes. Subscribing only takes a minute, but keep in mind ht ST-MINOTAUR will not be released on Youtube or any other medium on the Internet, so to get access you must subscribe to this blog. All requests for subscriptions should be sent here; and send us your email address.

Lovers, likers and haters of the series have already began to post their reviews, comments and opinions on many aspects of the production before seeing the trailer. Being so, the studio would like actual e-signatures on all comments, critiques and reviews prior to posting on the blog. Access to the series Facebook page will remain open to guests.

This subscription offer will remain in effect until series production ends, so there's plenty of time and opportunities to post your comments, reviews, critiques and watch the show.

We truly hope to see you on the other side!


  1. If I see another out of shape Trekkie wearing a tight pajama top I think I'll puke! It seems like every fan production is doing the same shit pretending to be Kirk, Spock, and McCoy or trying their hand at some shitty 1960's spin off. I not sure why I keep coming back to check out Star Trek fan films, but I have to say that you've got original uniforms and some sexy babes.

    I'm sending you my email for subscribing, so don't fuck this up!

    Anwar Humper
    Kenosha WI

  2. If I get another comment from a Trekkie who doesn't want to identify themselves; those pussies!...hahahahahah, but I get your point, Anwar [DRQ]