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Recently asked if the new Star Trek Web Series was in good hands, more especially in the writing department that David, a man who never comes off softly, replied that the series has always been in good hands, with the right production team, the right actors, the right plot line and story arc which will sate the thirst of even the newest and youngest of Star Trek fan.

David said that the strength of MINOTAUR will come from the Gene Roddenberry Star Trek canon universe and stories that are written within his genre of history and culture, which a large majority of Trekkies feel have been squashed through recent reboot's of Roddenberry's known and accepted universe.

"It's not my job to correct the damage set forth by Paramount or to detour the idea that the series can be re-written to preserve Roddenberry's creative dream" David said in a recent interview with, "This is just another fan web series with some good storytelling, a vibrant attempt do something fun for a change, and a solid look at doing something different vice making another Star Trek production with people pretending to play legendary roles from the original series."

The most important principles of the new series was to make the show technologically sound by giving time to explain some of the new technologies without going over the head of the viewer and trying to be too detailed. With that, the story arc has to prove to be smart with solid character development and deliver instant likeable characters which viewers will give a care about.

"I've been in the web series development business for over ten years." David added, "Filmmakers have to write and develop characters which will be liked in the long term, characters with faults and in some case, hard truths that will determine their decision making during the critical times in their missions."

David also said that he knew he was on the right path for selling the new series to Star Trek fans the moment hecklers began to show up on the studio blogs and information pages throughout the web. The studio claims that for several months, they have been bombarded with trash talk, with negative comments or non-supportive posts, and have constantly been approached to present series CGI and stage sets to see how "different" this web series will be against other fan productions on the web.

"It's been an unending trend by outsiders who just don't get that this series promises only to entertain the Trekkies" says David. "We don't have any plans to under or over write anyone or hope to have some Hollywood studio see our work and cry out to have our ideas go public in the  network sector. I did that long ago and lost a lot of good friends because of it."
With this in mind, David says that late last year he was approached by several ST fan productions looking to make contact and eventually take the required steps to work together on a "cross-over" web series-type production after MINOTAUR launches later this year. And as excited as some fans may become  thinking that such an approach could bolster much needed fan numbers to keep things alive, the idea passed on the way side and David never made it clear whether the studio would consider any of the propositions.

"We are months away from launching" David added. "The studio has other projects to produce and launch out to the populace before we can start honing our talents to get Minotaur launched in the fall. Be we will be there and then all of the hecklers can restart their campaigns to shut us down with bad critiques and commentary."

The series is just a few months away from launching its first trailer for review by Trekkies.

D. Henline
[Contributing Writer]

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