Monday, February 23, 2015


The World Wide Web was recently introduced at the first look of the Minotaur's Science Officer, Commander Kajol; performed by Saira Ramos. The studio release brought both accolades for the new original uniform design and some negative shots "across the bow of the studio" for not presenting the insight a little earlier during the shows production.

But the insight definitely caused waves as the shows plethora of talent is taking shape and making their appearance in a wide area of Star Trek fan productions which are currently clogging up YouTube channels faster than this writer can finish this blog entry.

No bones about it, the studio is currently in full production on the series and the big boss has made it clear that no one will see a peek of the show until its up and running on a set schedule for all the world to see. In the last two months, the studio has released small kibbles to the web and the responses have been tremendous, marking that perhaps some fans of both Star Trek and SciFi are looking for something new to sate their appetites from the long absence of a real Star Trek show. Many have asked if Minotaur will be worth the wait and the studio has replied, "Hell Yes!"

Saira Ramos is very happy with the progress on the show. She's had to learn a new style of method acting, which has limited her showing her emotional funny side, however she definitely loves what she's agreed to be part of. And well, since she's use to working on secret projects and work related conferences all the time, the secrecy of Minotaur has been sort of a natural page in her life's history that shes used to.

"Being Kajol has been a challenge, both with and without ears" says Saira. "There are many moments in the series where I get to be in front of the camera without special makeup and I also get to let my real hair down for the Away Missions on alternate Earth's. Whether or not it was written in that way, I don't know. But the character takes a side of me that I didn't know I ever had. It's beyond role playing or cos play."

David says that Saira's performance level has entered a new state of growth since she participated in previous studio web series, where she learned to hone her skills. "It wasn't just that she had the looks, I also waned Saira to have a challenge role which was anything but the person that I have known for over five years", said David. "She's come a long way, I feel the character is in good hands, and she just might be a surprise favorite amongst the Minotaur fan base."

With so much riding on what the studio plans to release next, David made it clear that his decision to limit the amount of production updates and video teaser releases, that the studio has gained a little more credence from the SciFi fans who are willing to wait and be impressed by a good show, and has disenchanted what he calls "the blog bugs" from having the "inside scoop" on the project, which no one has ever been officially endowed with having.

"There's nothing at stake" added David. "We're just keeping everyone out of 'the know' and working on this project as a fun collaboration. We're working at a good pace and everyone is quite happy with the continuing progress we've made. Everything we've done was done so to keep the trolls out of the system of creating unnecessary drama and also keeping the 'dramatic intrigue' out of the production."
The studio maintains that the series 2 hours special release is taking form and will be ready for release in the near future. I for one, am excited to see the final product on the big screen myself, in Houston, Texas!

K. Bleichner
[Contributing Writer]

Saturday, February 14, 2015


It took a while, but going through the entire video of David's most recent online PodCast interview took several days to transcribe into a blog was tedious work, but we accomplished the task so many of our blog followers could read David's answers to some intriguing questions brought forth by online Trekkies. 

So without further delay, here is the scripted version of ST-MINOTAURs most recent Q&A. [Keep in mind that David typed in some dialog to clear up his answers for fans who didn't attend the PodCast]

[1] What was the inspiration for writing and creating ST-Minotaur?
In 2008 after we wrapped Star Trek Beyond in New England, I can honestly admit that Minotaur was ringing in my head. We had accomplished so much with STB that I feel that at the end of the series we had just nailed the format we were looking for. Later that year, I was moving down to Texas and during the whole drive the entire first premise of the series took shape. But landing in Houston two days later, I wasn't sure how I was going to get it done, or who was going to help me put sets to the entire production together.

The series has actually had three different plots that were all good for the series and all of them had to do with time travel, but when we started to design certain aspects of the ship, the crew, and the mission, everything changed. We made some mad changes in just the Captain's part alone, and the biggest mistake we made was trying to cast an actor for the role of the Captain before we had a completed script.

In the end, I decided to simplify the plot and scripts for the sake of the cast. We weren't sure who was going to be cast as who, so I decided to spice things up by making mostly every senior character in the series not human, mostly all female, and putting an alien in charge. After that, the final solution for writing the first script came easy.

[2] What is the actual plot of the show?
Shortly after the Battle at Sector 001 on Stardate: 50893.5, as mentioned in "ST-First Contact" the Borg were observed traveling into Earth's past using a Time Vortex to alter the projection of their course to a distant Earth. With the interference of the Borgs plan by the crew of the USS Enterprise, they were successful in restoring any damage to the Quantum time line during the event. But the question of this event fell under the speculation of a Romulan Tal'Shiar General who suggested that the events by the Borg were not just a trip "into time", but suggested that it could have also been a trip into an alternate universe or an inter-dimensional journey of sorts.

The Borgs use of Chronometric emissions for time travel was a first in recorded history by any ship's in the vaunted Federation fleets who had confronted the Borg, and Starfleet began to theorize that the event at the Battle of Sector 001 could have been a testing ground by the Borg to change their tactics in assimilating all man-kind and sentient's in the Alpha Quadrant. The theory brought great consideration to the feuding empires in the Alpha Quadrant to unilaterally combine their science industries to study the issue at hand further.

By Stardate: 56998.3, the Romulan and Cardassian Empires joined the Federation in an "Alliance of Free Worlds", and a year later a Borg Sphere was captured intact during a skirmish in the Gamma Quadrant. The Borg ship contained a Chronometric Generator and new warp core which had never been seen before. The data banks also contained scans from neighboring systems which were marked with Stardates 400 and 500 years in the past and included evidence of assimilating lifeforms from many trips in the past and from inter-dimensional visits.

The Alliance constructed the USS MINOTAUR in order to investigate and study the Borg's movements through time and space; recognize the Borg's need to jump into the inter-dimensional planes of existence, and report their findings to the Alliance. The Borg ship's core, data banks, many function systems and Chronometric Drive were housed into the MINOTAUR to help guide the ship safely in their reconnaissance mission and cloak their movements from surrounding Borg vessels.

Captain Escher, a known specialist in the field of Quantum "Space Time" Continuity studies, leads the ship as Captain. Her crew was hand picked to complete their mission. These are the voyages of the Starship MINOTAUR.

[3] You constantly say that you plan to separate your work from the rest of the ST fan productions on the web. How exactly are you going to do so differently?

Good question. I often feel that my opinion is always taken with a gallon of vinegar. A few years ago I stated that fan productions were all doing the same thing; using the same bridge, going to the old uniforms, and everyone wanting to extend the original series with actors pretending to be Captain Kirk, Spock, Bones, etc. Soon after that, people misquoted me and stated that I didn't fully support these projects, and I was like, "Who fucking cares?"

I am not the authority on Star Trek, nor do I pretend to be either. What I had said is that I would design the show in accordance with Gene Roddenbery's ST Universe and make some changes that I felt would have occurred 160 years after Star Trek Voyager; hence, the same time frame that STB occurred in. Since no one else has done so, I thought it was a great time to make the statement that "I was going to do something that would separate my work from everyone else."

Even now, I feel like I haven't answered your question accordingly. If I haven't, I am sorry. But to get another reaction from a different set of answers, I will tell you that we WILL have a lot of the same tools in the show; we WILL have a starship, we WILL wear Star Trek type uniforms, we WILL have Trek jargon and we WILL have nicknames for certain characters.

[4] Why was Europe given the first look at all of your trailers and promotional ads?

We have a lot of fans in Europe and in the Ukraine. I'm not 100% completely sure why, but I like to feed them the first glimpses and see their reactions through comments and emails. In 2004, I was stationed in Vaihingen, Germany and I made a lot of contacts with the film community there. They have been super supportive of our ideas, have followed my work on the web since 2006, and I just think I owe it to them for their Internet network, for constantly expanding our fan base.

[5]  Can you break down the crew for us?
It is my opinion that the crew of the MINOTAUR are the most logical and diverse crew in the Star Trek Universe, after ST-Voyager of course. 

The Captain is an Andorian Science Officer; a female named, Captain Escher. She's aggressive, intelligent, abrasive against humans, doesn't like Vulcan's, but most importantly, is a survivor. She has no back up, but she has a great team of officers who have been in "the shit" a long time. And what I mean by "the shit" is that they've all worked together through some very difficult times and have survived by the skin of their teeth. He has a bad reputation on the Klingon home world and a nickname that gets brought up in the show. No one doubts her abilities and she takes shit from no one else.

The First Officer is a Vulcan Science Officer; a female named, Commander Ka'Jol. She's an intelligent, logical, unemotional bitch who has contempt for working with humans. She's worked with the Captain a long time on MINOTAUR, and she assesses every situation concerning the Prime Directive, as her top field in science is all about the space time continuum, and she has to constantly assert the Captain's decision whether save a world or not. She is no Spock, but if you can remember episodes where Spock came off as a "dick in charge", that is her role in the ship.

The Medical Officer is a Human female named, Commander Milano or "Ivy". Nothing like any doctor you have seen in any ST show. She is sexy, Italian-Spanish, loves to drink wine, and has a cat-like canter that gets her out of trouble all the time. She is a terrific side-kick for the Captain and there is a suggestion that they met a long time ago at the academy and used to put a drink on and partied all the time. Whether they still do now is only a speculation between the officers and the crew.

The Tactical Officer is a Romulan Tal'Shiar Agent, by the name of Lieutenant B'Houk [or Book]. In top shape, this guy virtually kicks ass and is someone you want next to you when the shit hits the fan. Whether he spies against the crew is never told, but he loves to go on Away Team missions and see the sights. We had a hard time casting for this part, as the role requires this character to be physically fit and a good looking guy.
The Engineer is a Human-Alien Hybrid called "The Spore". His name is Lieutenant Riggs. This guy knows his shit as an Engineer, but his world was turned upside down when he found out he was actually an alien-hybrid, from a species who were sent out into space to spawn new technologies on "lower life form" civilizations. He has a lot to learn about being a "Spore", and it will be fun learning about him during the shows run.

In recognition of Roddenberry's taste to inspire our youth, the youngest member of the crew is a Human-Romulan Science Officer, Ensign Jadrian Quest. She, of course, is the carry-over character and future Captain of the ASV PRECIPICE from Star Trek Beyond. This little woman knows a lot about the space time continuum, more in the realm of alternate realities & dimensions. She uses the ship's Astronomics Bay as a library and catalogs all of the ship's missions into history, and sometimes, the future.

And the final character of the show is the MINOTAUR, a Federation/Romulan Bellerophon Class Deep Space Science Vessel with the ability to fold space, use time vortex's, and shift into different dimensions using a Chronometric Drive to propel the ship into a vast web of the space time continuum that no one could conceive actually existed and can be accessed so easily by the ship. She has some new weapons systems which were solely designed to get her out of harms way, but in the end its all about what kind of Captain leads the ship and its crew.

[6] Be honest, are you a Star Trek nerd or Trekkie? Why did you choose to waste your time on this crap?

I've worked on many projects in the past years that had absolutely nothing to do with Star Trek. But I do find that writing scripts and plots for Star Trek come easily to me. I don't own or wear any type of Star Trek garb, but I have bought models and such to inspire me in my writings. 

On the database of my computer and various hard drives I've written a little over 300 original scripts for Star Trek episodes in about ten years. Some I am very proud of, others I wish I had never written. But none the less, I know of no other science fiction writer who has spent so much time writing shows for Star Trek that either submitted or didn't for any show.

Just a year ago, I began writing scripts for an extension of Quantum Leap. I really dig Sci-Fi shows that call for time travel; I'm kind of an expert in the field since most of my curriculum in college was based on physics and philosophy...I know, crazy shit.

But I don't think I'm wasting my time. You're intrigued to hear me answer your question and I write all of this "crap" during my off time.

[7] Didn't you illustrate comics for a time? Why did you stop? Wouldn't it be easier to just draw a new series instead of film it?

Whoah, slow down! One question at a time, please!

Yes, I was a cartoonist for an underground comic book in the early to mid 90s. I wrote scripts and designed characters for a series called "Deadly Force" and I had a lot of fun doing it. But I get more fun watching the ideas in my head come out on video through the use of live actors. I know that I am still limited to what I can do, due to limited budgets, but I have a lot of fun and that is what it's all about.

Now, if I had the budget I truly wanted, I would make some awesome movies concerning the comic book characters and stories I designed so many years ago.

I guess it's fate.

[8] Why didn't you just reboot your own material and re-do ST-Beyond?

Honestly, I really tried. The problem is, I had this phenomenal actress, Bernice Tremblay, who played Captain Quest on the series in New England and I could never see anyone else playing the mature role of her in the series.

[9] What is the plan for Minotaur? How long do you expect it to run?

I'd like the series to run for a couple of years and possibly make 25 to 30 episodes in that time. However, with the way things are running just to make the 2-hour premiere, it looks more like seven episodes a year; if we don't get serious backing from investors, maybe even fewer than that.

I've had to slow down production due solely to the fact that I want to stick to the scripted ideas that I know will make the series more exciting for others to follow. The cast is ready to get up and go, but the CGI has been really tough to narrow down on. I don't want to use a lot of green or blue screen effects, so we've been making things by hand, building stuff like sets on our off time. It's time consuming.

[10] Are you hoping a network notices your efforts on the series?

Definitely not. As a realist, I know that in order to make it into the "big time", that you have to have an "in" in the business. This is strictly for fun and entertainment.