Monday, February 23, 2015


The World Wide Web was recently introduced at the first look of the Minotaur's Science Officer, Commander Kajol; performed by Saira Ramos. The studio release brought both accolades for the new original uniform design and some negative shots "across the bow of the studio" for not presenting the insight a little earlier during the shows production.

But the insight definitely caused waves as the shows plethora of talent is taking shape and making their appearance in a wide area of Star Trek fan productions which are currently clogging up YouTube channels faster than this writer can finish this blog entry.

No bones about it, the studio is currently in full production on the series and the big boss has made it clear that no one will see a peek of the show until its up and running on a set schedule for all the world to see. In the last two months, the studio has released small kibbles to the web and the responses have been tremendous, marking that perhaps some fans of both Star Trek and SciFi are looking for something new to sate their appetites from the long absence of a real Star Trek show. Many have asked if Minotaur will be worth the wait and the studio has replied, "Hell Yes!"

Saira Ramos is very happy with the progress on the show. She's had to learn a new style of method acting, which has limited her showing her emotional funny side, however she definitely loves what she's agreed to be part of. And well, since she's use to working on secret projects and work related conferences all the time, the secrecy of Minotaur has been sort of a natural page in her life's history that shes used to.

"Being Kajol has been a challenge, both with and without ears" says Saira. "There are many moments in the series where I get to be in front of the camera without special makeup and I also get to let my real hair down for the Away Missions on alternate Earth's. Whether or not it was written in that way, I don't know. But the character takes a side of me that I didn't know I ever had. It's beyond role playing or cos play."

David says that Saira's performance level has entered a new state of growth since she participated in previous studio web series, where she learned to hone her skills. "It wasn't just that she had the looks, I also waned Saira to have a challenge role which was anything but the person that I have known for over five years", said David. "She's come a long way, I feel the character is in good hands, and she just might be a surprise favorite amongst the Minotaur fan base."

With so much riding on what the studio plans to release next, David made it clear that his decision to limit the amount of production updates and video teaser releases, that the studio has gained a little more credence from the SciFi fans who are willing to wait and be impressed by a good show, and has disenchanted what he calls "the blog bugs" from having the "inside scoop" on the project, which no one has ever been officially endowed with having.

"There's nothing at stake" added David. "We're just keeping everyone out of 'the know' and working on this project as a fun collaboration. We're working at a good pace and everyone is quite happy with the continuing progress we've made. Everything we've done was done so to keep the trolls out of the system of creating unnecessary drama and also keeping the 'dramatic intrigue' out of the production."
The studio maintains that the series 2 hours special release is taking form and will be ready for release in the near future. I for one, am excited to see the final product on the big screen myself, in Houston, Texas!

K. Bleichner
[Contributing Writer]


  1. Refreshing to see something new coming out of Star Trek fandom. And you're right that there are many, many web series being produced on copies of the older sets, and I guess if your a fan of nostalgia it's a great thing. But I like that your studio has decided to do something different and provide a look at the new things you plan to share. Keep up the awesome things you do with the little details that separates your series from the rest of the crap out there.
    C. Flacco- Richmond, Va.

  2. Great promotional photos and impressive transformation!

    G. Bonds
    Syracuse, NY