Friday, April 3, 2015


Field Notes from David Quintana
This past week, I was given permission to visit a unique studio to help assist them with making their special Star Trek fan film something a little more original than most of the formats used in web based productions. The studio will remain nameless, but the project is tentatively called "STAR TREK ELITE" and I have to say, these kids mean business!

It's not like these kids harnessed the atom for the first time, but they are aimed at doing EVERYTHING completely original and keeping off-the-grid until they have everything in order, to a standard that will completely mystify its audience on how they pulled everything off. I was asked to assist in new tactical uniform designed for the film and to give better instruction in character building for their man line of leading actors.

Some of the cast and crew are fans of my first web series, STAR TREK BEYOND, and the rest have begun to watch the series on Facebook to catch up. Even though I was a little enamored by their suggestion that I was a better expert in the field of doing things different with Trek, I kept my excitement down a lot as I entered their "master-complex" and witnessed one of the best bridge and engine room sets that I have ever seen in any Star Trek fan film or production.

Their ship designs are based on Star Trek Online's [STOs] Odyssey Class assault cruiser and much of the cast are ex-Marine and ex-Sailors who know about military lingo and tactics. The series is based on an old PC game and they have some interesting stories and plots which I feel might bring a new respect to fans going out of their way to produce film work as an homage to Gene Roddenberry's dream universe.

They're still months to a year out from releasing anything, but they have the right desire and a "streamlined" original vision to keep something good presented to their future fans. I am sure that when they decide to start promotional ads for their project, that they will get great reviews. And I am sure that I will be lined up at the theater to see this masterpiece on the big screen.

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