Thursday, May 28, 2015


Some Star Trek Beyond [STB] fans were pleasantly surprised to learn that a missing episode from the series, Episode 18, posted on the Facebook fan site this week. The episode was broken down into four-parts for easier and clearer viewing, as the original episode was too large to post on the fan site.

This new episode, written and produced by both David Quintana and Bernice Tremblay, presented some small but interesting twists in the STB plot line; showing that Captain Quest [played by Tremblay] might have had an infatuation with General Rodar, the leader of the Alliance Fleet Operations and a former member of the Romulan Tal'Shiar; a special story that tied the series into the Gene Roddenberry timeline by introducing Commander Data of the USS ENTERPRISE NCC 1701-E from Star Trek: The Next Generation, a role played by Christopher Anderson, a Star Trek fan who had [at the time] recently won a Commander Data look-alike contest at a Star Trek Con in New England.

During the time of production, the cast and crew believed that the series finally began firing perfectly on all thrusters, presenting a well polished episode produced for it's fans. In the fall of 2006, the cast received accolades for their new episode and the fan site broke over 250,000 views in well under a week. STB not only surpassed fan views by any Star Trek fan production at the time, but this episode also presented the exit of the series leading lady, Tremblay, as she left the series production to pursue theater full-time in New England.

Some of the sequences in the episode were added to build character development to some of the lesser known characters in the series. The role of Commander Maku, performed by Rachael Duerrler, was promoted to the rank of Captain at the end of the series epilogue. The changes also gave birth to one of the cast members, Heather Hyland, who later wrote future story lines for upcoming episodes in the series; one of which becomes a well produced two-part story for episodes 19 and 20. With big shoes to fill after Tremblay's exit, the series carried on after episode 18 put the series at the top of its production cycle.

Behind-the-scenes "liner notes" by the cast and crew made mention of some funny bloopers which occurred during the ship's Medical Room scene where CDR Data was awaiting to be reactivated. One note is that Tremblay could not remember what color CDR Data's skin was on STNG, forcing the entire crew to look for videos of STNG to present to Tremblay, which weren't readily accessible through the internet at the time. Another funny note was the tech-jargon which was constantly mispronounced and forced several re-takes; something the series director rarely had patience for, as he liked to move from scene to scene without having to perform constant re-takes.

Another note was made about props for the scene in the Medical, where a hand phaser was brought to the set. Even though the series presented pulse rifles for the series, many of the cast members who had never really watched STNG, fell in love with the idea of possibly using hand phasers in future episodes; something that they could not completely sell the series director for using in future episodes.

But in the end, the episode was completed in three 'four-hour' days, only adding a re-shoot for the sequences where some of the crew were sent out to find the two missing crew members of the USS MARSHALL; which brought Aaron Hayes back to the series to portray the part of LT Parker and introduced a new actor, Jamie Gray, to the series as the memorable Captain Mercier; a stern Irish character who never gave up on being saved from being stranded on an alien planet.

The studio also released news that episodes 19 and 20 will be posted on the series Facebook page in the near future for everyone to see. Fans have asked for DVD copies of the series, but the studio has not released any information or updated news on purchasing information.

Kellie Bleichner
[Contributing Writer]