Monday, June 8, 2015


Due to the recent exposure through a recent YahooNews article, the studios website, blog, and Facebook page has received a surge of traffic within the last week and has exposed the series to a new number of worldwide fans. The new traffic was both unexpected and a breath of fresh air.

Traffic at each web site forum, meant a new change to market the series and to test targeting promotional ads. And it seems that the endeavor worked as fan traffic began stopping by the sites to copy or tag pictures, promotional posters and ads created by the studio. The largest number of new Internet patrons perused through promotional ads on the series Facebook page which jumped to over 600 likes almost overnight.

The studio was far more surprised to learn that the one promotional ad which was downloaded from the site the most was the Minotaur Borg ad, which featured the new Borg Queen in hibernation [presented above]. The picture was part of a spur-of-the-moment idea taken well before any part of production began in 2013; the model in the promotional poster will not be portraying the role of the Borg Queen. However, the studio adds that the hibernation chamber will be used in the series and that actress, Kaitlin Tyree, is expected to perform brilliantly as the new Queen.

The increase of traffic on the studios blog has also taken the existence of Minotaur to new sections of the European theater. The series creator, David Quintana said "The unexpected traffic brought a ton of new energy to the series as we're now entering the comprehensive part of the series where the cast and crew have to travel to several different regions of Texas to shoot on location in four different environments."

The first episode of the series, entitled "Omega One" will present the cast working in the harsh desert environment to present desolate living conditions on Earth, if the suns energy was manipulated to slowly suffocate life in its solar system. The premier episode is planned to be a 2-hour special with some additional scenes which will lead new fans into the next installment episode which will introduce an old familiar face from STNG.

The studio is promising to release some behind-the-scene photo stills of the series production in the near future, including some spectacular scenes of the Minotaur's high tech bridge. 

Kellie Bleichner
(Contributing Writer)