Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Recently, some MINOTAUR raw production footage was leaked and went viral under the guise that an actual UFO or time machine was seen hovering over Texas skies; much to the astonishment of the series creator/director, David Quintana.
The director says that much of the footage released were 20 second clips and some zoom ups that identified a new Borg vessel which enters through a "time vortex" along the earth's atmosphere, breaking the sound barrier and arriving too close to the earth's surface. The test footage is planned to be used during an opening sequence of the first episode, still under production in Houston, TX.

David says that he was contacted recently to confirm the production of the video sequences and that all of the sequences were created using CGI tricks and clips of photography, designed to show a square ship entering the atmosphere and appearing virtually out of nowhere, with an unstable camera mount, giving the illusion that the video was taken by an amateur witness from the ground.

David adds that the leaked footage was in no way a promotional stunt and that the video web page that released this video onto the Internet has not replied to his attempts to communicate openly about how the video fell onto their possession. The director made an additional note that this is not the first time that some of his studio work has fallen into the hands of other media teams and films under production.
The studio reports that production continues with the series, which still does not have a release date or time frame for promotional ads.

Traci Mueller
(Contributing Writer)