Saturday, November 26, 2016


The new and last issue of 2016 gives great insight into next years prime web series which has garnered a whole new line of fans since the studio decided to press on with production, completely distancing itself from a set of guidelines set forth by Paramount earlier this year. MINOTAUR is a highly anticipated series which has gotten more positive reviews than expected, making it a target for Internet trolls, scam artists, and ridiculous film critiques before the first episode has ever been released to audiences.

Recently, the Internet has been filled with information concerning the series and indicating that the entire project is a planned spoof, very much identifying it as a half-assed offspring of Galaxy Quest, and that is where the studio believes the project has been given it's own strength towards waiting audiences; that MINOTAUR is proving to be a huge mystery to almost everyone out on the web, forcing just about anyone to guess what the show's all about, bringing a dark cloud to the minds of those wanting to see the show even more.

"When we first began to script the series in 2011, we weren't sure about how to market the series during it's initial production period." said shows creator, D. R. Quintana. "We had several re-writes, many casting changes and location adjustments before we even started production and everything was becoming an unnerving new decision to makeSuddenly, the old bad guys were turned into new bad guys with a different approach to how they are presented without damaging what fans used to know about them."

Quintana continued on to state that the series started to breath a life on it's own just a few years ago. "We felt that [in theory] we had to completely separate ourselves from all of the 'fan production crap' that was floating out there in the web. Indie fan films were aiming more towards the nostalgia of the more known Star Trek Universe which was originally produced in the 1960s than trying to do some thing completely original to take SciFi fans to the next level. So at first, we started to change the way things were described, then changed a little of this and that, and before we knew it, we were immediately on a different path. Then we realized that this was a new level in the game, something immediately different that brought fresh air to old ideas."

"Unfortunately, we also learned that there were groups and individuals who wanted a piece of the pie and become part of the production" continues Quintana. "Of course their insistence to helping out came when we were already done with most of the production efforts to the first three episodes. When the outside help was turned down, the trolling began...mostly in an attempt to push an early release. But it was an unsuccessful attempt at bullying progress."

So in professional fashion, the primary focus of the series has been prepped for the young leading actress who will have to fill heavy shoes in the new universe; that is Dru Marie Rovito, who takes on the role as LT Jadrian Quest, formally occupied by Bernice Tremblay in Star Trek Beyond.

"The script was a challenge" says Rovito. "I was never a fan of Star Trek and only started to study William Shatner's 'Captain Kirk' for a stage play in Pasadena, Texas, when I had my first real exposure to the Star Trek culture. I've seen STB and enjoyed the voyages of Captain Quest taking part in stories which tie up to this series. I've done my best in hopes that future fans will enjoy these new adventures and carry on the SciFi tradition of keeping the spirit alive."

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Thursday, October 27, 2016


The December issue of the QUANTUM STORM E-Magazine will surely raise some eyebrows as it will contain a 22 page "inside look" at the production of the series and update subscribers with what to expect from an unexpected bad guy...or uh, bad girl...
Last weekends open SKYPE "one-on-one" with the show's creator/director and some QSE subscribers, opened up some interesting possibilities concerning the "reinvention" of the Roddenberry universe towards a much more needed "redesign" to re-establish the fan base towards a more familiar production format that old and new viewers will enjoy.

According to one inside source, there have been leaks that a new trailer will surface in December which will "let the cat out of bag" finally. This "leak" comes at the end of a long debate of whether Paramount's shift in the Star Trek fan film production policy could prevent or hold up MINOTAUR's release.

"Nothing will shut down the release of the web series" said David Quintana, the shows creator and director. "Not everything we comment or create that has a reference to Star Trek can be used against anyone to shut anything down; the theory is that terms like 'bridge' and warp speed were around way before Star Trek existed, so we can use it. We have certainly strayed away from anything that could be considered as 'intellectual use' because we rethought everything out towards a different point of view to 'what is trek?' and 'what is not?'"

The studio plans to release a special blog to inform fans and web surfers of the new trailers release date in the near future.

K. Weiss
(Contributing Writer)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The studio is currently negotiating for a new release date with a horrific taste of the show's darker side as a preview in December nears. 

A concern which brought up the initial hold to the shows release date in September, was partly due to the presentation of the series new dark foe, a new race of Borg; some of the powers that be wanted to see "the change" of the race and see whether it would rival the recent change in guidelines and whether the series was truly breaking away from format requirements.  

In short order, all of the allegations were calmly unsubstantiated after the overall idealism of MINOTAUR being produced with the aim of telling stories in a more covert format, presenting very little to no reflection of the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek Universe and Paramount's in-depth control over the Gene Roddenberry's Universe and it's trademark eye candy.

The new race will be introduced under a different name and in a darker, more horrifying tone during the first (two part) episode of the series. The studios attempt to present a more fearful and sinister foe, including eerie special effects to present a "plethora of horror" for fans to preview, seems to have already stunned many critics after watching a preview of the series.

"The real boogie man has long been absent from Star Trek lore" said David Quintana [series director/writer]. "I'm sure fans want to see something new to fear and feel the weight of despair anytime they are mentioned or previewed on screen. But the drama and strong plot line is there for everyone to realize that this threat just won't go away any time soon."

The studio still admits that the new web series isn't breaking any new ground in the CGI area of the show's production, and the studio doesn't feel like it has to either. "When we first worked on Star Trek Beyond [the web series] we worked on a tight budget with very limited CGI effects; using little to no green screen, building all of the sets" added Quintana. "So, we again let the writing and character development do all of the talking for the show, which will make this series something to remember; like that one Christmas event that went completely wrong."

In December, the studio will release a special issue of the QUANTUM STORM E-Magazine previewing the darker side of MINOTAUR for all subscribers to see. If you are not part of the QSE subscription, you'll miss out on a special look into the new bad guys in all of its glory!

[EDITORS NOTE - Some of you may have noticed that this blog entry was accidentally released before it was completed and then deleted from existence. We're sorry for the premature release!]

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Thursday, September 15, 2016


During tonight's video interview and conference, the studio CEO [D. R. Quintana] released news that the studio has been asked to "hold up" the release date for one of the most highly anticipated fan productions on the web. He did not disclose who asked to hold up the series release date, but that it would not affect production efforts on future episodes.

Asked if whether the "hold up" for the MINOTAUR release date was partly due to the networks decision to hold up the future release of Paramount's planned next Star Trek TV series next year, the series director said, "It was just mere coincidence."

This news comes at a time when the studio was beginning to release more insights on the studio blog and a planned featurette trailer which was about to air on October 1st. The series director/creator said that a video interview will be released in the near future, giving out more details concerning the hold and some other interesting sneak peeks into the series.

We will keep you up-to-date as the news comes in!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The studios attempt to produce not only a dramatic plot line to the series, but also a series with some action packed scenes to feed the parched throats of Trekkies looking for a little more excitement in fan productions, seems to have struck a nerve recently when the series was previewed by some SciFi fans in California this past weekend.
If the high marks on their reviews weren't about the sexy actresses playing their parts, it was certainly for the visual effects presented in the episode. Two reviews gave the studio "high kudos" for bringing back "the boogie man feel to the Borg" and especially for presenting the Borg Queen as a "nasty villain." 

Series producer/creator/director, D. R. Quintana, says that the series at this point has crossed over a ton of hurdles, making the studio believe that the world-wide release for the series just may be around the corner. The studio has aimed for a winter release, but fans are pushing for a fall release via email to get the series launched; something the studio is considering.

"We've had to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that just to make everyone happy," said Quintana. "I've come down to the conclusion that Trekkies are just picky 'sons-of-bitches' who won't ever be happy with anyone's contribution to the Roddenberry universe. I've receive emails all of the time from Trekkie trolls who are shooting down the series and they've never seen it; giving heavy weight against us for something they just don't like, just out of principle for attempting to do something different. It hasn't swayed us at all, but it has certainly showed us what we're up against in dealing with bonafide Trekkie trollers."

The California reviews did provide a strong acceptance to the "twenty something" performances throughout the first episode; providing a glimpse into Captain Kirk's statement of "galloping around the cosmos is a game for the young, doctor..." statement in Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan. So, even thought the cast of the series has primary roles filled with veteran actors pretty much in their late 30's and 40's, the reviews gave high marks to the younger cast members who provided solid performances within the first episode.

Quintana added, "We're hoping to embark on stories and plots filled with a wide variety of angles that will catch fan by complete surprise. In a vast landscape where there are many people who want us to succeed as well as many more who want us to fail, we feel like we have nothing to lose by continuing ahead. If people were so impressed by Paramount's dying attempts at re-booting Trek through high octane action CGI junk and bad storytelling, then I am sure we will lose nothing by releasing a better "thought out" and well rounded series to fans on the Internet."

As of today, no release date has been disclosed by the studio.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


A ton of things are happening in Houston this week! First and foremost is the studios release of information concerning the cast of the web series. Over time, the studio has deliberately released outdated promo pictures of the cast, but the final cast members have yet to be fully recognized on this blog or on the web. The studios head producer/director says that future fans have "hackers & trolls" to blame for that. He stated that some of the initial series works and photos were taken without permission [i.e. stolen] and released through other sources on the web which have [or could have] completely spoiled the surprise of the series launch to its fans.

Each series has it's moment of Zen, and MINOTAUR is sure to lure some fans due to the sexy nature of it's female dominant cast. But more so, the web series has an infamous actress who plays a part in the series and is legitimately known throughout the world for being quite sexy. The actress came to the series with complete admiration of the shows idea and volunteered her services to take the show to a whole new medium.

One local actress who gained some minor popularity for her promotional shoot, Saira Ramos, is in the series as presented. She portrays Commander Kajol, a Vulcan Science Officer and First Officer of the MINOTAUR. There was an outrage of protest on Facebook regarding the release of the promotional photo due in part to Ramos working behind-the-scenes on one other "undisclosed" fan production, which seemed to cause a tiff between studios. Ramos stood her ground with the studios full support and mess eventually faded out and became a non-issue with the other studio.

Another top line of the cast member taking part of the series is Dru Marie Rovito, who portrays a younger LTJG Jadrian Quest from the studios previous ST-Beyond series [2006-2008]. She is truly the youngest member of the cast and is very talented, presenting powerful insight to the acting prowess she possess. As an actress, she is very busy filling parts in both MINOTAUR and as Rachel Somers, in the highly anticipated BIONICA mini-series, which is also preparing to launch this year.

The producers' decision to add the character role of Quest was a matter to tie-in two series through a quasi-Quantum/anti-time moment and bring both web series together in the studios "extended" Roddenberry Universe. There has been some deliberation and talk among cast members [both old and new] to have a collaboration of efforts and bring both of the casts [Beyond & Minotaur] into the same show for a two-part episode, in an attempt to close out the popular St-Beyond plot, "The Marble."

Studio producer, D. R. Quintana, also wants to ensure to future fans that production for the series has not been hindered in any way. Since the failure of Paramount's recent Star Trek Beyond movie and the new "guidelines" set forth by Paramount & others, the studio actors [and Quintana] feel that MINOTAUR is quickly starting to separate itself from story lines, plots, and any medium which may seem to cross over the unlawful guidelines set forth to limit a teams artistic vision of the future.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Star Trek Beyond [STB] ended Season 4 [2007] in fantastic fashion by producing Episode 21, "Devil's Barter" which presented a crossover story line into the STNG timeline. The series creator was introduced to a group of Star Trek fan producers, Craig Murphy and Steve Emirzian, who worked under the then studio name, MEEZMEYER Productions.

Stonewater Productions began collaborating efforts with the Meezmeyer group in August of 2007 and began production in September of that year. The studio teams only met for a few minutes on the morning of September 12th, but once the principle shooting began, the team produced one of the best and only crossovers in fan production history at the time, presenting two different crews on one set. The Meezmeyer team brought their own uniforms and stage props for the shoot, while David Quintana [Director] provided the sets and the story.

The episode concerned the inadvertent arrival of the ASV PRECIPICE to a timeline almost 182 years within its own past, after an attack by the Borg in STB episode 12 "The Marble" which seemingly destroyed the ASV PRECIPICE and arrives in the STNG universe intact, but without its crew. The ship is then found by the crew of the USS PROVIDENCE, who immediately begin efforts to repair the ship and investigate into the mystery of its arrival.

David says what makes this episode truly special is that it leads right into the main plot for the MINOTAUR project which is currently still in production and entering story development for Season 2. At the time of production, David had wondered how the show would have looked like if he had decided to use the STNG uniforms in the series; especially after the introduction of Data's return in STB episode 18 "The Plight of Quest and the Marvels of Luck Within."

The MeezMeyer team seemed impressed with the set of Star Trek Beyond and the ease of production during the afternoon of shooting. At the time, David and his crew were unaware that the shoot for Episode 21 would be one of the last days of production for the series. But the shoot proved that the chemistry for working with other studios on the series was always a great potential.

Episode 21 ended with a tremendous viewing of 112,577 hits during the first week of its release, and now the episode has drawn more hits during its re-release on Facebook this week. David says that the footage for episode 21 will make a rare appearance in MINOTAUR to "kind of" tie both of the series together in a future episode.

David added that it's important for MINOTAUR to have a ton of reference material for fans to watch prior to watching the first few episodes of the new series, as MINOTAUR does reference several episodes from the STOS universe. Some fans have started speculating that MINOTAUR might have more of a "nostalgic quip" to lure die hard fans to follow the series.

The studio is currently preparing to release a special "Behind The Scenes" video that was produced at the end of the series run in 2008, which introduces the entire cast of STB and some funny video bloopers that occurred during production.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Perhaps Paramount set up the recently released "new guidelines" to persuade  the large fan film genre to stop what their doing, to go pay and see how "professional Star Trek films" are actually made. Whatever the real case is, what Paramount has proven again is that they continue to miss the mark and deliver crap to the huge fan base of Trekkies world wide. The review is in and Paramount has a of re-thinking to do once this "crap bomb" hits the streets.

In my opinion, after stealing the title to our web series which has garnered a little following on Facebook, it has proven that the rebooted franchise is dying an early death with bad storytelling, bad acting, bad character development, and not giving anything for fans to fall in love with. The Star Trek universe is about a lot more than just fancy CGI effects and explosions...where's the real mystery, where's the excitement of the adventure, where are the voyages!?!

As MINOTAUR creeps into the fray of Internet exposure, there is the belief that the web series will deliver the type of stories and series format which fans will enjoy, but most importantly, come back to see time and time again. All the time waiting for the next episode take them on an extraordinary new journey; the voyage of adventure which fans haven't tasted in a long, long time.

In the long run the new Star Trek television series will launch next year, just a few months after MINOTAUR launches into life. As I am sure that there isn't going to be a contest about which one will get the top reviews over the other, I am sure that the taste for originality will be on the line for both of the series by Trekkies.

There is a real good reason that MINOTAUR has taken so long to get launched into the Internet universe...the failure of Paramount's Star Trek Beyond movie was one of them, the next will fall before the movie fans in due time, I am sure. Then, we will be ready to let the cat-out-of-the-bag.

Because in the end, MINOTAUR isn't just going to be just another "Star Trek fan production"'s going to be FUCKING STAR TREK!

D. R. Quintana

Saturday, July 9, 2016


The studio released some new production stills to the series today! The first still showing a Borg Tactical Cube destroying a planet [presumably Earth] and another still with some unidentified crew members who might be observing the destruction of the planet above.

The series producer says that the production pushes forward with the series entering four completed episode territory and a large array of scenes and plots to keep studio fans happy with a web series that will deliver full on action, drama, and suspense in the first season. 

The series creator also says that most of the season one episodes run a little over 18 minutes in length and that each episode is a continuation of the previous episode up until halfway through the first season. The first three episodes are the actual series opener which was presented last April; that were cut into three segments for future Internet release.

Rumors have surfaced that the studio has acquired two "known names" into the cast of the series who are working along with the studio on a "volunteer basis" only; that much of that information will remain secret until the series is officially launched in the near future. The web series creator continues to claim that MINOTAUR will provide story arcs that have never before been previously seen or produced by any fan production, film, or on network television.

A new video trailer will launch at the end of summer that will lead to the preview of a release date.

Pamela Dorsey
Contributing Writer

Monday, June 27, 2016


After two years of hard work, we received word that Paramount had a huge statement to pass out to producers/directors of fan film productions. Having worked on Star Fan Productions from 2006-2007; I had only one case of being shut down for "possibly raising funds for production", a BIG no-no in 2006. Since then, I have been totally aware of how to handle producing a web series within the "thin lines" of rules which were sketchy at best before the new announcement, while constantly being informed by Star Trek trolls about what is "legal" and what is "crossing the line."

Our statement in return to the new Paramount/CBS Guidelines is this:

"We appreciate Paramount & CBS for going out of their way to try and limit the control of artistic representation towards Indie film makers and fan film makers around the world. We have worked hard on MINOTAUR for over two years, preparing solid story arcs and plots that define our series away from anything previously seen from other fan films and/or professional fan productions. We have worked hard, worked for free, and we have made a solid commitment to distance ourselves from anything previously seen with Paramounts/CBS' crappy reboot films and the previously made Hollywood'esque films and television series; which all have lost the integrity of Gene Roddenberry's vision. 

That being so, we have used Gene Roddenberry's universe and vision as a guide for our own extension of his universe, never leaning towards reproducing previously seen sets or uniforms, but following the much accepted guidelines of Star Trek technology and terms which have been used in other film franchises and produced without Paramount/CBS intrusion. At some time before we release MINOTAUR to the Internet world, we will remove the term of "Star Trek" from the main logo and distance ourselves further from the "legal ambiance" which Paramount/CBS is trying to enforce on Star Trek fans in a feeble attempt to control their intellectual property

We have faith that our series, even though it may not have the world-wide distribution that the new reboot films will have, will eventually surpass the number of viewers and fans which Paramount/CBS thinks it has and can control, to view only what they "think" Star Trek is."

Monday, April 18, 2016


[Star Trek] MINOTAUR made it's initial pre-screening debut in Houston, Texas this past weekend to a house of 75 lucky fans. After the one hour, forty two minute episode, the viewers met in a reception area and were asked to review the first episode and give it a star rating between one and five stars. The studio was in for a surprise as 100% gave the first episode a 5-star treatment!
Prior to launching the episode, D. R. Quintana spoke a few words and stated, "This is a fan production and everything you are about to see was made out of love for science fiction, the respect for Gene Roddenberry, and the hope for the best future in the Star Trek universe."

The studio was set to present an entertaining episode as the viewers laughed when they were supposed to, were surprised when they needed to be, and shocked at the stories plot when the whole mess evolved before their eyes. Five years of work has proven it's worth for the studio and the series creator and writer was more than happy with the final results.

"It's not the best fan film made for Trekkies, but it's definitely one of the smartest." said an excited David Quintana. "These people had fun, the people talked extensively about the series during the reception, and there were some favorite characters being formed out of this preview."

Guests from as far as Oklahoma City, OK came to the preview, and all exploded into applause at the roll of the end credits. Studio and series editor Andrew Quintana said that he was relieved that everyone liked the series opener and gave it the 5-star treatment. "There was so much pressure on us!" says Andrew. "Minotaur is a great piece of work, the vision was clear and I am sure that my dad wasn't expecting this type of treatment."
And with all of the good reviews, what did Mr. Quintana do when the night ended? He went back to the studio and watched the episode again!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


The series director was interviewed online last week. We decided to posted one segment of the interview for you to listen to. The entire interview will be posted on Facebook later this month. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 20, 2016


The studio has been seeing an increase in fan emails since the release of the STAR TREK BEYOND 5 DVD Set which was released through Facebook over a week ago. Over 250 DVD sets were released to fans [by donations] and 15% of those DVD sets had an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at "STAR TREK MINOTAUR Omega 001" which is coming ever closer for release.

Within a few days, the studios DVD set presentation was "sold out" to fans world wide and a second edition for the set is now being ordered by the manufacturer. The DVD set was allowable for release via donation, plus a $7 fee for shipping; all donations are being used for the production costs of STM. Word about the release of the DVD set was first released to fans of this blog, then word slipped on the Internet about the extra diskette to some of the sets which were previewed by fans in earnest. 

The special DVD release for STB had all 18 episodes released in HD quality video and sound; included a cast and crew behind-the-scenes look of the three year production; contained behind-scenes-photos of production and episode review; and had sound tracks to some of the music used in the series. The DVD set went into sold out status on Thursday afternoon [3/17/2016] and it is alleged that the sole reason for it was that some fans ordered two to three copies of the DVDs on one purchase; which will no longer be allowed to fans.

In the DVD set, the studio has asked fans not to release production details and photos of the special STM series diskette on the Internet until the release of the series later this year, but some production photos and clips of videos have begun to surface which could damage some of the magic intended for release in the series premiere. The studio has worked hard to prevent any spoilers from being released too early and already the head of the studio [D. R. Quintana] is regretting his decision to release early footage of the shows bridge, medical bay, and ready room.

The studio has released several character promotional posters and bio-topic photos of STM on Facebook and the studios vaunted E-Magazine; the latter of which detailed a plan to release two stunning video trailers prior to the release of the series later this year. The studio does recognize that the fan base is building and that there might be a few fans who are too curious to wait for the release of the series premiere. 

The studio has not released any news as to whether there will be a third print of the STB DVD Set, should the second printing run out after its release. Release information will be presented on Facebook when the new DVDs arrive.

Good luck to all that wish to have a copy of the STB series!

Thursday, January 14, 2016


The studio released the first promotional video ad for Star Trek Minotaur. The initial release has received good reviews from fans on Facebook. Be sure to visit our Facebook page HERE, click on "Like" and become a fan!