Sunday, March 20, 2016


The studio has been seeing an increase in fan emails since the release of the STAR TREK BEYOND 5 DVD Set which was released through Facebook over a week ago. Over 250 DVD sets were released to fans [by donations] and 15% of those DVD sets had an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at "STAR TREK MINOTAUR Omega 001" which is coming ever closer for release.

Within a few days, the studios DVD set presentation was "sold out" to fans world wide and a second edition for the set is now being ordered by the manufacturer. The DVD set was allowable for release via donation, plus a $7 fee for shipping; all donations are being used for the production costs of STM. Word about the release of the DVD set was first released to fans of this blog, then word slipped on the Internet about the extra diskette to some of the sets which were previewed by fans in earnest. 

The special DVD release for STB had all 18 episodes released in HD quality video and sound; included a cast and crew behind-the-scenes look of the three year production; contained behind-scenes-photos of production and episode review; and had sound tracks to some of the music used in the series. The DVD set went into sold out status on Thursday afternoon [3/17/2016] and it is alleged that the sole reason for it was that some fans ordered two to three copies of the DVDs on one purchase; which will no longer be allowed to fans.

In the DVD set, the studio has asked fans not to release production details and photos of the special STM series diskette on the Internet until the release of the series later this year, but some production photos and clips of videos have begun to surface which could damage some of the magic intended for release in the series premiere. The studio has worked hard to prevent any spoilers from being released too early and already the head of the studio [D. R. Quintana] is regretting his decision to release early footage of the shows bridge, medical bay, and ready room.

The studio has released several character promotional posters and bio-topic photos of STM on Facebook and the studios vaunted E-Magazine; the latter of which detailed a plan to release two stunning video trailers prior to the release of the series later this year. The studio does recognize that the fan base is building and that there might be a few fans who are too curious to wait for the release of the series premiere. 

The studio has not released any news as to whether there will be a third print of the STB DVD Set, should the second printing run out after its release. Release information will be presented on Facebook when the new DVDs arrive.

Good luck to all that wish to have a copy of the STB series!