Monday, April 18, 2016


[Star Trek] MINOTAUR made it's initial pre-screening debut in Houston, Texas this past weekend to a house of 75 lucky fans. After the one hour, forty two minute episode, the viewers met in a reception area and were asked to review the first episode and give it a star rating between one and five stars. The studio was in for a surprise as 100% gave the first episode a 5-star treatment!
Prior to launching the episode, D. R. Quintana spoke a few words and stated, "This is a fan production and everything you are about to see was made out of love for science fiction, the respect for Gene Roddenberry, and the hope for the best future in the Star Trek universe."

The studio was set to present an entertaining episode as the viewers laughed when they were supposed to, were surprised when they needed to be, and shocked at the stories plot when the whole mess evolved before their eyes. Five years of work has proven it's worth for the studio and the series creator and writer was more than happy with the final results.

"It's not the best fan film made for Trekkies, but it's definitely one of the smartest." said an excited David Quintana. "These people had fun, the people talked extensively about the series during the reception, and there were some favorite characters being formed out of this preview."

Guests from as far as Oklahoma City, OK came to the preview, and all exploded into applause at the roll of the end credits. Studio and series editor Andrew Quintana said that he was relieved that everyone liked the series opener and gave it the 5-star treatment. "There was so much pressure on us!" says Andrew. "Minotaur is a great piece of work, the vision was clear and I am sure that my dad wasn't expecting this type of treatment."
And with all of the good reviews, what did Mr. Quintana do when the night ended? He went back to the studio and watched the episode again!


  1. I attended the screening and it was very entertaining!

    The story and plot were original leaving me to wonder why CBS and Paramount wouldn't consider this as a new direction in the ST universe.

    With a likeable and direct captain, a funny medical officer and a brilliant young Lieutenant which will later grow to be the Captain of the STB series, the premiere had few fundamental flaws but stuck with Gene Roddenberry's original universe.

    The bonus parts of the preview was learning about the Klingons conflict against the new Federation! - The addition of a Romululan First Officer was a nice touch.

    The first episode must have been a tremendous undertaking in production, was well presented in HD format with incredible sound.


    Marilyn H.
    Oklahoma City, OK

  2. I attended the premiere and the series IS legit! It has a little bit of everything for every fan. The CGI was well thought out and acceptable, however the acting was superb and the crew are all likeable with creative deliveries on their character development. And super kudos on the holodeck scenes, they were hilarious!!

    Arwen K. L.
    Ft. Worth

  3. I was at the premiere and I enjoyed meeting the cast and crew! The opening sequence with the truck driver and hitch hiker had me confused at first, but the punchline of that little story was perfect for effect.

    A great start to an incredible first episode!

    Michael E.
    Irving, TX

  4. I also attended the premire and David and I spoke for several minutes. The story was sharp, the CGI clear and crisp, and the presentation was epic!

    I see a good future with the series and the direction of the story arc has some brilliance to it. Thanks for inviting me after I bitched for weeks about getting tickets.

    I haven't felt this way about a series since Babylon 5!

    Ivan S. S.
    Santa Fe NM