Monday, June 27, 2016


After two years of hard work, we received word that Paramount had a huge statement to pass out to producers/directors of fan film productions. Having worked on Star Fan Productions from 2006-2007; I had only one case of being shut down for "possibly raising funds for production", a BIG no-no in 2006. Since then, I have been totally aware of how to handle producing a web series within the "thin lines" of rules which were sketchy at best before the new announcement, while constantly being informed by Star Trek trolls about what is "legal" and what is "crossing the line."

Our statement in return to the new Paramount/CBS Guidelines is this:

"We appreciate Paramount & CBS for going out of their way to try and limit the control of artistic representation towards Indie film makers and fan film makers around the world. We have worked hard on MINOTAUR for over two years, preparing solid story arcs and plots that define our series away from anything previously seen from other fan films and/or professional fan productions. We have worked hard, worked for free, and we have made a solid commitment to distance ourselves from anything previously seen with Paramounts/CBS' crappy reboot films and the previously made Hollywood'esque films and television series; which all have lost the integrity of Gene Roddenberry's vision. 

That being so, we have used Gene Roddenberry's universe and vision as a guide for our own extension of his universe, never leaning towards reproducing previously seen sets or uniforms, but following the much accepted guidelines of Star Trek technology and terms which have been used in other film franchises and produced without Paramount/CBS intrusion. At some time before we release MINOTAUR to the Internet world, we will remove the term of "Star Trek" from the main logo and distance ourselves further from the "legal ambiance" which Paramount/CBS is trying to enforce on Star Trek fans in a feeble attempt to control their intellectual property

We have faith that our series, even though it may not have the world-wide distribution that the new reboot films will have, will eventually surpass the number of viewers and fans which Paramount/CBS thinks it has and can control, to view only what they "think" Star Trek is."