Thursday, July 21, 2016


Perhaps Paramount set up the recently released "new guidelines" to persuade  the large fan film genre to stop what their doing, to go pay and see how "professional Star Trek films" are actually made. Whatever the real case is, what Paramount has proven again is that they continue to miss the mark and deliver crap to the huge fan base of Trekkies world wide. The review is in and Paramount has a of re-thinking to do once this "crap bomb" hits the streets.

In my opinion, after stealing the title to our web series which has garnered a little following on Facebook, it has proven that the rebooted franchise is dying an early death with bad storytelling, bad acting, bad character development, and not giving anything for fans to fall in love with. The Star Trek universe is about a lot more than just fancy CGI effects and explosions...where's the real mystery, where's the excitement of the adventure, where are the voyages!?!

As MINOTAUR creeps into the fray of Internet exposure, there is the belief that the web series will deliver the type of stories and series format which fans will enjoy, but most importantly, come back to see time and time again. All the time waiting for the next episode take them on an extraordinary new journey; the voyage of adventure which fans haven't tasted in a long, long time.

In the long run the new Star Trek television series will launch next year, just a few months after MINOTAUR launches into life. As I am sure that there isn't going to be a contest about which one will get the top reviews over the other, I am sure that the taste for originality will be on the line for both of the series by Trekkies.

There is a real good reason that MINOTAUR has taken so long to get launched into the Internet universe...the failure of Paramount's Star Trek Beyond movie was one of them, the next will fall before the movie fans in due time, I am sure. Then, we will be ready to let the cat-out-of-the-bag.

Because in the end, MINOTAUR isn't just going to be just another "Star Trek fan production"'s going to be FUCKING STAR TREK!

D. R. Quintana


  1. Crom laughs at your forewinds...but I cannot wait to see you launch your series!

    Crom C. C. R.
    Chicago, IL

  2. I can feel the resistance that Minotaur is having with the hoard of Trekkies trolls who are out now scouring Internet blogs and web pages trying so hard to support "bad boy" Abrams dreamland trek nightmare franchise. Once Star Trek shifted formats to blowing up ships and having tremendous space battles, the entire "science" of the entire franchise died. I have seen your incantation of STB and liked the delivery of your episodes. You have a nice craft for writing and developing likeable characters. The best part is you did it with 20 minute episodes. I hope that your series is as good as your boasting. Trekkies need to be challenged with spine tingling tales of adventure, not CGI gimmics.

    Good luck!

    R. Heart
    Pt. Loma, CA

  3. I just got out from the theater watching ST Beyond and this post was spot on!

    Douglas A.
    Buffalo, NY 

  4. I loved the new blog and read thru the ST Beyond review with vigor and apprehension. Bad Robot has been riding the franchise to the ground with no chance of actually recapturing the magic that long term friendships can provide. I think before your studio leaps into Minotaur, you should consider an STB series reunion movie. It would be so great to see the old cast and crew together again!

    Preston B.
    Foxlake IL

  5. yes, I saw the movie and there were some serious CGI battle scenes and action. But again, the lack of a good story and very little character development. It was a little sad.

    Barry R. K.
    Woonsocket, MA

  6. The new movie had tons of action but no real suspense. It's difficult to like a movie only because there are actors that I like in it, but the characters they play are only names of something fancied a decade ago. Lame, lame, lame.

    Sydney W.
    Westerly, RI

  7. I've notice the press is doing their job trying to save ST Beyond from crashing. But real fans aren't stupid to listen to the media, the movie was an action packed mess of crap!

    Lisa W.
    Orlando, Florida

  8. I watched Beyond at the theaters <> and they blew up J.J.'s "new" Enterprise design to introduce a sleeker new design for the next movie. The movie was horribly written and again, needed a lot of help from referencing STOS to complete it's character developments. The movie was rushed, had no unique bad guy, & was all flash with explosions. You hit the nail on the head with this blog, the movie was DOG SHIT and the whole thing needs to just go away.

    Cole L.
    St. Mary's Georgia