Saturday, July 9, 2016


The studio released some new production stills to the series today! The first still showing a Borg Tactical Cube destroying a planet [presumably Earth] and another still with some unidentified crew members who might be observing the destruction of the planet above.

The series producer says that the production pushes forward with the series entering four completed episode territory and a large array of scenes and plots to keep studio fans happy with a web series that will deliver full on action, drama, and suspense in the first season. 

The series creator also says that most of the season one episodes run a little over 18 minutes in length and that each episode is a continuation of the previous episode up until halfway through the first season. The first three episodes are the actual series opener which was presented last April; that were cut into three segments for future Internet release.

Rumors have surfaced that the studio has acquired two "known names" into the cast of the series who are working along with the studio on a "volunteer basis" only; that much of that information will remain secret until the series is officially launched in the near future. The web series creator continues to claim that MINOTAUR will provide story arcs that have never before been previously seen or produced by any fan production, film, or on network television.

A new video trailer will launch at the end of summer that will lead to the preview of a release date.

Pamela Dorsey
Contributing Writer


  1. You've peaked my interest and I am dying to see this series! You know exactly when drop another surprise on your fans. Cheers!

    Y. T.
    Plymouth GBR

  2. I just about fell out of my seat when I saw the new production snaps. This beast is looking better and better each time you release a deeper look into the series. I'm amazed by your unique originality in creating stories that can capture the heart of Gene's universe with just a simple peek.

    And a hell of a peek it is!

    K. Mosley USMC
    San Diego, CA

    1. We are pumping our hearts into this series. We only want to deliver something new and exciting! - DRQ

  3. When I watched the premiere in Houston, the scene where the Borg annihilated the planet was breath taking and not expected at all! I've told so many of my Trekkie friends about it, they find it hard to believe that a solid series is coming out with such a dark message.

    Bravo Q Storm!

    Ivan S. S.
    Santa Fe NM

    1. I've always been a fan of the "darker STNG" episodes, like "Yesterdays Enterprise". It seemed so dramatic and start in it's I loved the message it made to affect the entire series. - DRQ

  4. Never a dull moment when I come across this blog!

    I'm patiently waiting for this series to start.

    Miriam G. G.
    Kittery, ME

  5. Wonderful insight!

    Peter A.
    Mainz, GE

  6. I saw your post on Twitter and made a stop-by to see what you were up to. I have to say that I'm impressed with you continuing with the project and wish you best fucking luck on pushing forth!

    Palmer K. B.
    via iPhone

  7. Thanks for giving me a private preview of the series! I was completely NOT expecting to see such of a marvelously produced episode with such an extremely creative approach. My review is posted below for the future fans to read. I was truly impressed with the show!!!!!

    Devin L.
    Salem, MA

    MINOTAUR Review - Think of this series as Star Trek that meets Quantum Leap that meets Firefly. A punching storyline that makes sense and connects the dots for Star Trek First Contact. The new look, new uniforms, new races, and of course, a new ship that sounds like it will kick serious butt if it has to. Very-very little blue/green screen effects and some interesting new technologies that I feel should have migrated a long time ago from STOS "Assignment Earth" to [at least] STV. The story is simple, save the earth from the clutches of the Borg but try to ensure the ship, its crew, nor their mission are detected by the Borg nor by the humans trying to live normal lives. The ships leader is an Andorian Admiral named "Escher" and the leading character who, with a talented bunch of Quantum Time-trained crew members that know their stuff when it comes to dealing with moments in history, time and time again [yes, bad pun intended], they set out to find a hidden sentient being that has hid among the earths populace for over a thousand years. The beginning scene through me off for a bit, but when the boogie men showed up it all made sense to have it at the beginning of the episode. The studio kept the HD cameras tight, the acting superb, and the dialog understandable.

    Postmortem - A sound, quality show. I definitely wanted to see more of the ship, however the CGI is adequate and the bridge set is phenomenal and realistic - What I like most is the hardened black-glass look and blue glow throughout the set. The studio put a lot of thought into everything including the new uniforms, scanners & weapons, and most importantly, the ships mission. There are some strong performances and a finely directed group of actors. Best of all, I remember characters names, I know who the bad guys are and how difficult the mission is going to be for each visit in time - adding hints to the ASV Precipice of the studios previous ST series ST-Beyond was a nice touch too! Trekkies will like this series and the die hard Trekkies will finally get a web series show they want to see more of and finally get a mind shifting episode to wonder about. A big note goes out to "Ivy" the ships doctor who is extremely sexy and saucy in her role - Simply delicious!