Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Star Trek Beyond [STB] ended Season 4 [2007] in fantastic fashion by producing Episode 21, "Devil's Barter" which presented a crossover story line into the STNG timeline. The series creator was introduced to a group of Star Trek fan producers, Craig Murphy and Steve Emirzian, who worked under the then studio name, MEEZMEYER Productions.

Stonewater Productions began collaborating efforts with the Meezmeyer group in August of 2007 and began production in September of that year. The studio teams only met for a few minutes on the morning of September 12th, but once the principle shooting began, the team produced one of the best and only crossovers in fan production history at the time, presenting two different crews on one set. The Meezmeyer team brought their own uniforms and stage props for the shoot, while David Quintana [Director] provided the sets and the story.

The episode concerned the inadvertent arrival of the ASV PRECIPICE to a timeline almost 182 years within its own past, after an attack by the Borg in STB episode 12 "The Marble" which seemingly destroyed the ASV PRECIPICE and arrives in the STNG universe intact, but without its crew. The ship is then found by the crew of the USS PROVIDENCE, who immediately begin efforts to repair the ship and investigate into the mystery of its arrival.

David says what makes this episode truly special is that it leads right into the main plot for the MINOTAUR project which is currently still in production and entering story development for Season 2. At the time of production, David had wondered how the show would have looked like if he had decided to use the STNG uniforms in the series; especially after the introduction of Data's return in STB episode 18 "The Plight of Quest and the Marvels of Luck Within."

The MeezMeyer team seemed impressed with the set of Star Trek Beyond and the ease of production during the afternoon of shooting. At the time, David and his crew were unaware that the shoot for Episode 21 would be one of the last days of production for the series. But the shoot proved that the chemistry for working with other studios on the series was always a great potential.

Episode 21 ended with a tremendous viewing of 112,577 hits during the first week of its release, and now the episode has drawn more hits during its re-release on Facebook this week. David says that the footage for episode 21 will make a rare appearance in MINOTAUR to "kind of" tie both of the series together in a future episode.

David added that it's important for MINOTAUR to have a ton of reference material for fans to watch prior to watching the first few episodes of the new series, as MINOTAUR does reference several episodes from the STOS universe. Some fans have started speculating that MINOTAUR might have more of a "nostalgic quip" to lure die hard fans to follow the series.

The studio is currently preparing to release a special "Behind The Scenes" video that was produced at the end of the series run in 2008, which introduces the entire cast of STB and some funny video bloopers that occurred during production.


  1. As a huge STNG fan, I was surprised by your approach at presenting a tie in to the Roddenberry universe with this intense short film! The details were perfect and the character development was pristine. I was not expecting to see the transition go as smoothly as presented and you left me with a ton of questions at the end, just the way the idealism of Star Trek should be presented.

    A splendid breath of fresh air knowing that someone out there has a little class in delivering what I expect to see in all fan films!

    O. B. V.
    Ontario Canada

    1. I appreciate the review and kind words. This episode has sparked some interest and we've received some strong, supporting emails concerning it's production. Thanks! - DRQ

  2. Quite honestly, I got a bad taste over the last few episodes of your STB treatment, that was until you release this well presented monster in the line of episodes. Bringing in the STNG look was a great idea and I applaud your teams attempt at collaborating to bring the history of your fan series in the STNG universe. Nice touch!

    Lilly Q.
    Omaha, NE

    1. Thanks, Lilly. We tried to deliver when it counted. Looking back now I see that some of the later episodes were hard to follow, but we had fun making each episode. - DRQ

  3. An excellent short film, probably the best I've ever seen for the time frame it was filmed! I wish it was longer,b but it had a brilliant delivery.

    Sammy R.
    Roswell, NM

    1. Thanks for the review, Sammy. I'm sure we had plans to make an extended part to the episode, but we were running out of time. I'm not sure what happened but we all stayed in contact, even up to now. - DRQ

  4. A nice finishing touch to your first web series!

    Erik W. W.
    Charlottesville, VA

  5. Back in 2007 I was so wanting to stop by the studio and see the set you put together for the show. I remember reading once that you put together the entire set in an apartment? I wish I could have set up the visit and got a tour of the place.

    R. Doan
    New Haven, CT
    via iPhone

    1. I recall having several tours stopping by the old apartment and pictures being taken. We weren't sure how to start the tour because the entire set was visible upon entry. Most people couldn't believe how small the set actually was. For what it's worth, the new set is WAY better and WAY bigger. You will see that soon enough! - DRQ