Tuesday, August 23, 2016


A ton of things are happening in Houston this week! First and foremost is the studios release of information concerning the cast of the web series. Over time, the studio has deliberately released outdated promo pictures of the cast, but the final cast members have yet to be fully recognized on this blog or on the web. The studios head producer/director says that future fans have "hackers & trolls" to blame for that. He stated that some of the initial series works and photos were taken without permission [i.e. stolen] and released through other sources on the web which have [or could have] completely spoiled the surprise of the series launch to its fans.

Each series has it's moment of Zen, and MINOTAUR is sure to lure some fans due to the sexy nature of it's female dominant cast. But more so, the web series has an infamous actress who plays a part in the series and is legitimately known throughout the world for being quite sexy. The actress came to the series with complete admiration of the shows idea and volunteered her services to take the show to a whole new medium.

One local actress who gained some minor popularity for her promotional shoot, Saira Ramos, is in the series as presented. She portrays Commander Kajol, a Vulcan Science Officer and First Officer of the MINOTAUR. There was an outrage of protest on Facebook regarding the release of the promotional photo due in part to Ramos working behind-the-scenes on one other "undisclosed" fan production, which seemed to cause a tiff between studios. Ramos stood her ground with the studios full support and mess eventually faded out and became a non-issue with the other studio.

Another top line of the cast member taking part of the series is Dru Marie Rovito, who portrays a younger LTJG Jadrian Quest from the studios previous ST-Beyond series [2006-2008]. She is truly the youngest member of the cast and is very talented, presenting powerful insight to the acting prowess she possess. As an actress, she is very busy filling parts in both MINOTAUR and as Rachel Somers, in the highly anticipated BIONICA mini-series, which is also preparing to launch this year.

The producers' decision to add the character role of Quest was a matter to tie-in two series through a quasi-Quantum/anti-time moment and bring both web series together in the studios "extended" Roddenberry Universe. There has been some deliberation and talk among cast members [both old and new] to have a collaboration of efforts and bring both of the casts [Beyond & Minotaur] into the same show for a two-part episode, in an attempt to close out the popular St-Beyond plot, "The Marble."

Studio producer, D. R. Quintana, also wants to ensure to future fans that production for the series has not been hindered in any way. Since the failure of Paramount's recent Star Trek Beyond movie and the new "guidelines" set forth by Paramount & others, the studio actors [and Quintana] feel that MINOTAUR is quickly starting to separate itself from story lines, plots, and any medium which may seem to cross over the unlawful guidelines set forth to limit a teams artistic vision of the future.