Thursday, October 27, 2016


The December issue of the QUANTUM STORM E-Magazine will surely raise some eyebrows as it will contain a 22 page "inside look" at the production of the series and update subscribers with what to expect from an unexpected bad guy...or uh, bad girl...
Last weekends open SKYPE "one-on-one" with the show's creator/director and some QSE subscribers, opened up some interesting possibilities concerning the "reinvention" of the Roddenberry universe towards a much more needed "redesign" to re-establish the fan base towards a more familiar production format that old and new viewers will enjoy.

According to one inside source, there have been leaks that a new trailer will surface in December which will "let the cat out of bag" finally. This "leak" comes at the end of a long debate of whether Paramount's shift in the Star Trek fan film production policy could prevent or hold up MINOTAUR's release.

"Nothing will shut down the release of the web series" said David Quintana, the shows creator and director. "Not everything we comment or create that has a reference to Star Trek can be used against anyone to shut anything down; the theory is that terms like 'bridge' and warp speed were around way before Star Trek existed, so we can use it. We have certainly strayed away from anything that could be considered as 'intellectual use' because we rethought everything out towards a different point of view to 'what is trek?' and 'what is not?'"

The studio plans to release a special blog to inform fans and web surfers of the new trailers release date in the near future.

K. Weiss
(Contributing Writer)

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  1. Oh crap! So they are not the Borg anymore? This series is going to get pretty interesting!

    P. Q. Rayford
    OKC, OK