Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The studio is currently negotiating for a new release date with a horrific taste of the show's darker side as a preview in December nears. 

A concern which brought up the initial hold to the shows release date in September, was partly due to the presentation of the series new dark foe, a new race of Borg; some of the powers that be wanted to see "the change" of the race and see whether it would rival the recent change in guidelines and whether the series was truly breaking away from format requirements.  

In short order, all of the allegations were calmly unsubstantiated after the overall idealism of MINOTAUR being produced with the aim of telling stories in a more covert format, presenting very little to no reflection of the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek Universe and Paramount's in-depth control over the Gene Roddenberry's Universe and it's trademark eye candy.

The new race will be introduced under a different name and in a darker, more horrifying tone during the first (two part) episode of the series. The studios attempt to present a more fearful and sinister foe, including eerie special effects to present a "plethora of horror" for fans to preview, seems to have already stunned many critics after watching a preview of the series.

"The real boogie man has long been absent from Star Trek lore" said David Quintana [series director/writer]. "I'm sure fans want to see something new to fear and feel the weight of despair anytime they are mentioned or previewed on screen. But the drama and strong plot line is there for everyone to realize that this threat just won't go away any time soon."

The studio still admits that the new web series isn't breaking any new ground in the CGI area of the show's production, and the studio doesn't feel like it has to either. "When we first worked on Star Trek Beyond [the web series] we worked on a tight budget with very limited CGI effects; using little to no green screen, building all of the sets" added Quintana. "So, we again let the writing and character development do all of the talking for the show, which will make this series something to remember; like that one Christmas event that went completely wrong."

In December, the studio will release a special issue of the QUANTUM STORM E-Magazine previewing the darker side of MINOTAUR for all subscribers to see. If you are not part of the QSE subscription, you'll miss out on a special look into the new bad guys in all of its glory!

[EDITORS NOTE - Some of you may have noticed that this blog entry was accidentally released before it was completed and then deleted from existence. We're sorry for the premature release!]

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  1. Stellar insight!

    Brian P.
    Alexandria, LA

  2. Dark and clever. You've got me even more excited abt this series!

    Cheryl B.
    Georgetown, VA
    via iPhone

  3. Your preview in April was a complete mindblowing event and with the exception of the ships you used, there was nothing Star Trek about it. It all looked like you did your homework in distancing your ideas, plots and story from the mass "fan production" Trekkie films and Internet series, which has MINOTAUR look more inventive and artsy for the new generation of SyFy fans to gander at.

    But one thing is for sure, making the new Borg look and act more terrifying than ever before was the topping the masses have been craving for a long, long time!

    P. Q. Rayford
    OKC, OK