Saturday, November 26, 2016


The new and last issue of 2016 gives great insight into next years prime web series which has garnered a whole new line of fans since the studio decided to press on with production, completely distancing itself from a set of guidelines set forth by Paramount earlier this year. MINOTAUR is a highly anticipated series which has gotten more positive reviews than expected, making it a target for Internet trolls, scam artists, and ridiculous film critiques before the first episode has ever been released to audiences.

Recently, the Internet has been filled with information concerning the series and indicating that the entire project is a planned spoof, very much identifying it as a half-assed offspring of Galaxy Quest, and that is where the studio believes the project has been given it's own strength towards waiting audiences; that MINOTAUR is proving to be a huge mystery to almost everyone out on the web, forcing just about anyone to guess what the show's all about, bringing a dark cloud to the minds of those wanting to see the show even more.

"When we first began to script the series in 2011, we weren't sure about how to market the series during it's initial production period." said shows creator, D. R. Quintana. "We had several re-writes, many casting changes and location adjustments before we even started production and everything was becoming an unnerving new decision to makeSuddenly, the old bad guys were turned into new bad guys with a different approach to how they are presented without damaging what fans used to know about them."

Quintana continued on to state that the series started to breath a life on it's own just a few years ago. "We felt that [in theory] we had to completely separate ourselves from all of the 'fan production crap' that was floating out there in the web. Indie fan films were aiming more towards the nostalgia of the more known Star Trek Universe which was originally produced in the 1960s than trying to do some thing completely original to take SciFi fans to the next level. So at first, we started to change the way things were described, then changed a little of this and that, and before we knew it, we were immediately on a different path. Then we realized that this was a new level in the game, something immediately different that brought fresh air to old ideas."

"Unfortunately, we also learned that there were groups and individuals who wanted a piece of the pie and become part of the production" continues Quintana. "Of course their insistence to helping out came when we were already done with most of the production efforts to the first three episodes. When the outside help was turned down, the trolling began...mostly in an attempt to push an early release. But it was an unsuccessful attempt at bullying progress."

So in professional fashion, the primary focus of the series has been prepped for the young leading actress who will have to fill heavy shoes in the new universe; that is Dru Marie Rovito, who takes on the role as LT Jadrian Quest, formally occupied by Bernice Tremblay in Star Trek Beyond.

"The script was a challenge" says Rovito. "I was never a fan of Star Trek and only started to study William Shatner's 'Captain Kirk' for a stage play in Pasadena, Texas, when I had my first real exposure to the Star Trek culture. I've seen STB and enjoyed the voyages of Captain Quest taking part in stories which tie up to this series. I've done my best in hopes that future fans will enjoy these new adventures and carry on the SciFi tradition of keeping the spirit alive."

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