Friday, May 19, 2017


Well, I saw the trailer today and I have to say that I was both impressed with the blue screen graphics, that have come a LONG way, and I was also a little again CBS failed to keep with their word and produce a well thought out show. It doesn't help that there's another "Galaxy Quest-type" spinoff getting to launch on another network, that seems a little more fun and has the right kind of PUNCH to drop the ratings on Star Trek Discovery [STD] during it's initial run. It definitely looks like CBS picked the wrong time to send STD into promo status. Did the bigwigs fold their hand because they were being called out by another network, pushing a new Sci-Fi Star Trek-type show?

However, I can see that STD's production was taken VERY seriously and that great effort was applied to give the show a running start for presenting a more mature look at being the pioneers of space travel again. But right away CBS dropped the ball and decided to fall in line with the J.J. Abrams universe which most Trekkies [and myself] find deplorable, frustrating, and a downright slap in the face to anything Roddenberry ever planned to produce or would want in a reboot of his Star Trek idealism's. I've always hated that Abrams' never has to explain anything...he honestly doesn't know how traveling in warp speed works or the mechanical mindset of how an engine room actually would look and work. And I find it a little bizarre how all of these 'supposed' new Trekkies and Star Wars Nerds accept it all, without questioning the basics of accepted space logic.

I've noticed that many Trekkies have an issue with the timeline of the series, as so do I. My case is that a CBS spokesman stated 'on the record' a while back that STD would be set just after Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country and before The Next Generation [TNG] - which would have made more sense to me. Figuring that in the series, the Enterprise insignia would have been already accepted as the pin for officers and crew...something I am sure that in J.J. Abrams universe will NEVER be explained, so don't expect STD to do so either. I think this is why CBS likes the new format created by Abrams..."THERE'S NOTHING TO EXPLAIN!...the Trekkies will SWALLOW IT and like it!" - and believe me, if you think the Klingon masks and outfits are the biggest worry?...then, you don't know jack!

Think about this, fellow Trekkies...this new doomsday machine that CBS created is already set for movie production. Seriously, STD looks like a well polished, epic series and I 100% guarantee that it is already aimed for being released in theaters in the near future. That's about as far as CBS is willing to go to make this pile of crumbling shit work. Think about it...first the production releases a semi-nasty trailer with a ship no one likes, so they go into re-designs and firing all kinds of people. Then there was the claim that "Jason Isaacs" was cast as the Captain of the show, remember that? Trekkies were ablaze on the web that CBS had landed a REAL name to the show. But what happened with the show?...another firing in the production staff, the writing team, and some more firings on the production, then there was word that the shows release was extended out to December, extended again to May, and then again; which made everyone think it was NEVER going to be released. 

With all of this going on, it starts to make you think that the production went into a rush to get produced. Yes, it WAS rushed with very little thinking ahead. CBS has all of the CGI star power to produce the required visual effects for a strong show, but not the acting power. So, how does the show initially get introduced to fans??? showing a scene taking right out of Star Wars....Wow...that was STUPID! But the cast seems to be brought on a little smartly. Making the Captain an African American Vulcan is a bright idea...but haven't we seen that before? Could that be Tuvok's mom or future wife or something like that?...only time will tell. But the cast is talented and delivered some good performances in the trailer that will make every Trekkie [and myself] at least watch the first two episodes.

The best part for us is that MINOTAUR is again safe. We've released so much information and photographs about our production that I was worried that CBS was going to steal some of our ideas, which I was surprised the other "Galaxy Quest-type show looks to have done. But our series still has a few surprises for Trekkies and nothing seems to threaten what we have set to show. But again, only time will tell and we don't have a network supporting our show with millions of dollars to get the Trek magic we might be missing...but so far, I feel our series is in league with good company.

As for does look and sound like a venereal disease that will eat up fans from the inside, out. I applaud CBS for at least presenting something to the world. Now it's all about time...something CBS is running out of with the vast Trekkie support.


  1. I completely agree with you Dave. And like a good sheep, I plan on watching the first few episodes just because I am a Star Trek fan whose loyal enough to just want to watch anything Star Trek related :-(

    Karen B.
    Longmont CO

  2. I don't want to be obliterated by idiots but I enjoyed the new Star Trek films a lot. The action kept things up to date with today's movie standards. STD surprised me with a trailer that shows good promise with keeping up with that philosophy. I'm sure the shown will do well.

    G. Roland
    Newark, NJ
    via iPhone