Monday, May 29, 2017


Subscribers are buzzing news about the new issue of the Quantum Storm E-Magazine [QSE]that was released last Wednesday. The cover design says it all and there was absolutely too much information released for fans to grab at and take into consideration for being one of the most anticipated series within the SciFi format that was once the controlled universe of Gene Roddenberry's magnificent dream.

There are many subscribers and blog fans that have picked up on the recent "coincidental" similarities between MINOTAUR and the networks STAR TREK DISCOVERY [STD], both of which are planned for release later this year. The only difference between the show's seems to be the fact that a "New Order" Borg race will be introduced as "LEGION" in MINOTAUR and the questionable enemy of the Klingon Empire in STD. But other than those two differences, the shows are running neck-to-neck with several coincidences that are baffling fans, readers, and studio personnel at the same time. They are [1] The ever changing design of the lead ship, [2] heavy all female crews, [3] the introduction of another Vulcan first officer, [4] epic presentation of sets, and [5] similar uniform designs that have caught the entire studio in a fervor of utter shock that cannot be described into words.

Over the course of two weeks, studio CEO [D. R. Quintana] has been bombarded with emails and comments concerning the similarities that have been noted time and time again by both supporting Trekkies and the Trekkie troller's who continue to prescribe to the studio that MINOTAUR is a waste of time. However, the studio stands by the fact that the uniforms and ship's designs were settled on over four years ago and have nothing more to say about it. To prove his point, the shows producer/director released the ship's designs and a sneak view into the production of the series which is still an on going adventure for the cast and crew.
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  1. I've followed your updates for over a year and you're right, there are a lot of coincidences. Just like the coincidence that some of Axanar's ideas were also taken without any acknowledgements from the executives or the makers of STD. It's a mad world out there and with Hollywood running out of ideas, there's no doubt that it has to take source material from better writers and film projects to catch up with the rest of the world.

    Greg B. W.
    Snohomish, WA