Tuesday, May 16, 2017


The studio reports that 2016 was definitely the BIGGEST year for the QSE as viewer/Internet surfer numbers reached well over 8 million guests. The most visited and requested issue of the QSE was the December issue featuring the new hybrid Legion/Borg drone on the cover. That one issue garnered requests from as far as Japan to Europe and is still being sought for reading by Trekkies all over the place.

Studio CEO [D. R. Quintana] said that much of the excitement in the issue is over the amount of full color "visual candy" that was released for fans to review; photos of the future shows uniforms, weapons, ship's bridge, and some action scenes were released for preview.

"With the recent news that a new SciFi series being released on network television, loosely based on Star Trek as a comedy, the online searches for information on MINOTAUR have increased dramatically" says Quintana. "This 'fan production project' labling is a thing of the past now and we feel that we're onto hitting a new idealism when it comes to producing what Roddenberry's universe could look like in the far-far future."
MINOTAUR is still planned as a 'web series only' based instrument by the studio, but Quintana reassures future fans that the whole idea about just being a 'fan production' feels to have been completely eliminated after news surfaced that the studio removed all acknowledgements to Star Trek and removed the title from the entire series, leaving many to speculate how the series will be presented without many of the well-liked and known details that keep many of the other fan productions in line with the Roddenberry universe.
However, the studio claims to have changed everything about the series to separate itself from the glut of fan film productions and series on the net, even up to changing the design of the lead ship, the USS ISCANDAR, to something never seen or thought of before.
"U.S. Naval history has proven that bigger and badder doesn't necessarily mean better" added Quintana. "We changed ships designs so often, even I got sick of trying to figure out something new to appease the cast & crew to preview and the future fans to fall in love with. I wanted something big and ugly, something with angles and large machinery that would prescribe to the plot of the series, not to delve into another 'accident' that brought the crew to this new journey. This series is an insight to the intended, dire attempts by a future Alliance set out to save their homeworlds from certain doom, but do it in a scientific way."

Very recently, the studio leaked information on the MINOTAUR Facebook page at the ships captain, RADM Escher, a medically modified-to-human-looking Andorian, has been casted with actress Stephanie Greenfield from San Antonio, Texas, which seemed to start a new buzz around Star Trek fandom asking about the actresses previous works in SciFi films.

In an attempt to quell Trekkie worries, the studio has planned to release more information concerning the recent addition to the cast by interviewing the actress on the summer edition of the QSE. A photoshoot with the actress was completed recently and some snap shots of the actress in uniform will also be released for preview. Greenfield is very excited about the new role and plans only to impress the future fans of the series.

And on a side note that might bring up negative speculation concerning the shows release date, Quintana stated that the series production format has changed a bit that fans could see something this winter.

Shelly B.
[Contributing Writer]  

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  1. One of the best issues you've ever produced and one of the best trek related fan projects that hold the best potential for success!

    I've been looking back at some of the older issues and noticed that there was a lot of love in the layout and presentation of the issue. Dave is a little biased towards his Star Trek related articles, delivering them with pristine flair.

    R. Mayo
    Orlando, FL